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Monday, September 9, 2002

In New York City, Ian follows Kate home and discovers that Kate's boyfriend Brennan is in a coma and being cared for, round-the-clock, in Kate's apartment, by private duty nurses.

Back in the Kovich Apartment, Rafe admits to Alison that what he wants is Alison - but Rafe quickly makes clear that he feels a stronger need to honor his obligations. Alison admits that she wants Rafe more than she has ever wanted anything else in her entire life, but Alison also told Rafe that she understands that he WOULD always honor his obligations. But Alison also reminds Rafe that he has an obligation to himself - to do what his heart is telling him to do.

ALISON: "I will NOT let you do this! I will NOT let you run from me any more.' And she hugs him.

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Kevin believes himself to be his twin brother, Ryan - the serial killer - and tries to strangle Lucy.

Outside the Light House, The Avatar informs Livvie that the drugs Kevin got by accident have made Kevin believe that he is Livvie's Uncle Ryan - the Serial Killer. Livvie begs the Avatar to stop Kevin from murdering Lucy.

Back in New York City, Kate told Ian that, two years ago, she and Brennan had promised to meet at Cellini's Restaurant on the anniversary of their first date. But Kate was in the middle of a big trial and got stuck at work. Kate called Brennan at Cellini's and told him to go on home and they would celebrate later at home. But, when Kate finally looked up from her work, Kate realized it was 2 a.m. and, when Kate tried to call home, there was no answer. Kate just believed that Brennan was angry with her and not answering the phone - until she got home and found Brennan passed out on the floor after having suffered a massive heart attack. Kate confides to Ian that Kate believes she COULD have helped Brennan if she had only kept the date and met him at Cellini's as they had originally planned.

Back at the Kovich apartment, Alison told Rafe: "We can NOT keep running from each other! I think we need to face it. And face us. And what we really mean to each other.'

RAFE; "But I just can NOT ignore the fact that I am NOT free!'

ALISON: "I know this is hard for you and you ARE trying to do the right thing...'

RAFE: "Please! Please! Please! Let this go!'

ALISON: "And then what? Try to stay away from each other - again? Because we tried that. Over and over and over. And it does NOT work!'

RAFE: 'OK - you know what? It is going to have to! It HAS to work! Because I can NOT be near you and not -'

ALISON: "What? Feel what there is between us? It is impossible NOT to! And it is NOT going away! No matter HOW hard we try, we ARE going to end up in the same place again - face to face! Wanting each other so badly, that it hurts. So stop denying what your heart is telling you. Because, I swear, it IS telling you the truth!'

Back at the Light House, as Kevin and Lucy struggle, the Avatar suddenly enters the room and the Avatar says: "Shame! Justice!'

But 'Ryan' remains unimpressed by the Avatar's presence. So The Avatar begins throwing Kevin around the room. And Livvie, watching from the deck, runs away. When The Avatar knocks Kevin out, Lucy begs The Avatar NOT to hurt Kevin, because he is sick. The Avatar roars and then disappears.

Back in New York City, Ian guesses that the money Kate needs is to pay for Brennan's round-the-clock care. Kate told Ian that the doctors have tried everything but there is NO hope for a change in Brennan's condition.

Meanwhile, at the Kovich Apartment, Rafe admits to Alison that, if his life WAS different, he WOULD spend more time with Alison to find out what exactly is between then. When Rafe reminds Alison that NO child of his would grow up without a father, Alison raises the possibility that Rafe might NOT be the father of Livvie's baby.

At the same time, Victor arrives at the Light House and Lucy told Victor that Kevin believes that he is Ryan and that Kevin WAS attacking Lucy until Lancelot arrived, knocked Kevin out and tied Kevin up. As Lucy and Victor discuss Kevin's case, Victor gets a call from the Constable at Jasmine Island, who informs Victor that a blonde prostitute was attacked and the description of her assailant matches Kevin. Lucy decides that SHE is the ONLY one who can help Kevin now.

Livvie and Frank meet in the woods behind the Light House. When Livvie asks if Kevin will snap out of it, Frank replies that he doubts it. Frank went on to tell Livvie that she has to choose between her love for her father and her love for Rafe.

Back in New York City, Ian admits to Kate that he also plays the 'what if' game about Eve's death, but it only gave him sleepless nights, so he gave it up. Ian asks Kate to let him help her and Kate dissolves into tears on Ian's shoulder.

In the woods outside the Light House, Livvie answers Frank's question by deciding that there would be NOTHING Livvie could accomplish by telling anyone what really happened to cause her father's psychotic break. Frank then warns Livvie that IF she EVER crosses him again, WORSE things will happen to her - AND to those she loves! After Frank walks away, Livvie tearfully begs her father to forgive her.

At the Light House, Kevin's 'Ryan' personality taunts Victor and Lucy, but Lucy begs Kevin to reach out to her, because Lucy and the children - Christina, Serena AND Livvie - ALL need Kevin back with them.

At the Kovich Apartment, Rafe told Alison: "That child is already a part of me! He is counting on me! And I can NOT erase that, just because of any feelings I might have for you! Now, if you REALLY knew me, you would KNOW that!'

ALISON: "And - I do! I AM sorry!'

Rafe told Alison that she should go, but, on her way out, Allison stops to tell Rafe: "I DO know how you feel about this child - and I respect that. But I will NOT give up on you, Rafe. Some day, when you are ready, you will understand why. It is because I love you. I have always loved you and I will ALWAYS love you! And I need you to feel that - no matter what!'

As Rafe and Alison hug good-bye, Livvie comes home.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Frank arrives at Karen's Place and finds out that Karen is STILL angry about the beating that 'Lancelot' gave to Ricky. Karen lets Frank know that she is NOT impressed by the revenge, violence and cold, calculated brutality she saw 'Lancelot' exhibit in the encounter with Ricky.

KAREN: "I won't be around that! I can't!'

FRANK: "Help me, Karen. I do NOT think I can help myself!'

At the Recovery Room, Jamal apologizes again to Marissa and admits he 'was just flat-out dumb,' when he tried to con Rafe into believing that Jamal and Alison were still 'an item.'

Marissa and Jamal decide this is their first official fight and their first official making up. But Ricky interrupts the official making up by producing Marissa's latest article: "Lancelot - from Hero to Thug?' Ricky is positive the article will only serve to net some retaliation from Lancelot - against MARISSA! But Marissa ignores the warnings of BOTH Ricky AND Jamal.

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Kevin tries to convince Lucy and Victor that he is really 'Ryan', while Lucy begs 'Kevin' to come back to her. Kevin asks Lucy to help him and Lucy unties Kevin - over Victor's strenuous protests.

At the Kovich Apartment, Livvie returns home from her traumatic, emotional encounter with Frank and finds Alison and Rafe hugging. Alison coldly suggests that it is time for Alison to go, and Alison leaves. As soon as Alison is gone, Livvie asks Rafe to stay away from Alison but Rafe admits that he no longer believes he is able to stay away from Alison.

Back at Karen's Place, Frank explains to Karen that the Avatar gave Frank the power to accomplish justice. But Karen points out that Frank is no longer protecting women and children but, instead, just beating people for the sheer pleasure of beating them. Frank admits that, while Frank was beating Ricky, Frank KNEW he should NOT be doing that - but the 'force' of the Avatar was forcing Frank to give 'it,' what 'it' needs most - control!

KAREN: "What it needs, Frank? What IS it that it needs? What exactly does it need?'

FRANK: "Control - it needs to dominate everyone - and everything.''

KAREN: 'Well, you can NOT let it!'

FRANK: 'But, how do I stop it? It has grown so strong in me. The man that I am - that I was - the man that loves you, Karen. I feel him - I feel me - fading.'

KAREN: "Frank -- '

FRANK: "Save me, Karen. You are the only one who can.'

Back at the Kovich Apartment, Livvie is shocked that Rafe will NOT give up seeing Alison. Then Livvie reminds Rafe of how much she has given up for him - her family, her friends, her home.

But Rafe reminds Livvie: "I have stopped looking for my past. I gave that up because YOU wanted me to! Because you asked me to! You asked me to focus on a future with you. And I DID that - I TRIED!'

Livvie reminds Rafe of their original plans to leave Port Charles together. Then Livvie asks Rafe if he would run away with Alison if Alison asked him to go. And Rafe told Livvie that he honestly does NOT know WHAT he would do.

At the Light House, 'Kevin' suddenly reappears and Lucy explains that he thought her was Ryan. Kevin asks if he attacked a blond woman and tries to tell Lucy that it really happened. But Victor gets a call and then asks Lucy to speak to Victor privately out on the Deck. Outside, Victor told Lucy that the woman on Jasmine Island has positively identified Kevin as her attacker - and the police are en route to the Light House to take Kevin in for questioning.

As Victor and Lucy talk, Alison arrives to speak to Lucy. Kevin welcomes Alison warmly - a little too warmly for Alison. Alison asks if something is wrong and 'Kevin' shrugs it off - but 'Kevin' suddenly told Alison how beautiful he thinks her long, blonde hair is.

At Karen's Place, Frank told Karen that he wants the life they had always planned together. Karen promises that she will do anything to help Frank and Frank told Karen that he just needs her to love him. They begin to kiss and soon hit the sheets.

Back at the Recovery Room, as Ricky and Jamal argue with Marissa about her expose' of 'Lancelot,' Marissa told them she is off to cover another story - and Ricky and Jamal decide to follow Marissa to keep her out of trouble.

At the Kovich Apartment, Livvie told Rafe that their marriage could be happy if only Alison were NOT in the picture. However, Rafe tries to explain to his wife that something keeps drawing Rafe and Alison together, and he knows that he can NOT lie to Livvie about that any longer.

LIVVIE: "OK. So, then - you do what you have to do!'

Rafe leaves. But, after Rafe leaves, Livvie adds: "And I will do the same!'

Back at the Light House, Alison begins to be suspicious of Kevin's behavior. 'Kevin' told Alison that he has a surprise for her and suddenly locks the door leading to the Deck.

As Alison becomes frightened, Victor breaks the window in the door and Kevin and Lucy rush into the room to rescue Alison. As 'Ryan' attacks Lucy, Victor hits Kevin on the back of the head with a fireplace poker - and knocks Kevin out. As Lucy sends Alison to the kitchen for some ice, police sirens sound and Victor warns Lucy that, if the Police find Kevin, they will take him away before Lucy and Victor can reach Kevin.

At Karen's Place, after Karen and Frank hit the sheets, Karen promises to help Frank overcome the influence of The Avatar.

Rafe returns to the woods, to the spot where he landed when he returned to earth. Rafe suddenly sees a flower that reminds him of Alison and he remembers Alison's challenge to listen to his heart. Rafe sits down and prays for guidance in knowing what to do next.

Back at the Kovich Apartment, Livvie tries to arrange some flowers, but ends up cutting the flowers into little pieces instead. Livvie decides that it is time to take her own fate into her own hands - Livvie decides she MUST get rid of Alison!

By the time Detective Andy and his police officers arrive at the Light House to question Kevin, Lucy told them that Kevin is gone and has gone somewhere where he is NOT going to hurt anyone!

Meanwhile, at the Park, Ricky and Jamal catch up with Marissa and ask if this is the story she is going to cover. Marissa begins to hand out candles as the people of Port Charles begin to arrive at the park, including Gail, Serena and Christina.

MARISSA: 'A moment when everything stops so that we can remember that moment together. It became a day that became a day that none of us can forget.'

As Marissa hands out candles, the flag waves in the distance and the singer's voice drifts over the crowd:

"...With your wife and children.

Or working on some stage in L.A.

Did you stand there in shock at the sight of that black smoke rising against that blue sky?

Did you shout out in anger, in fear for your neighbor?

Or did you just sit down and cry?

I am just a singer of simple songs.

And I remember this from when I was young:

Faith, hope and love are some good things He gave us -

and the greatest is love!'

As the flag waves above the crowd, Christina lifts her candle and says: "To the Heroes.'

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Due to the remembrance of the events of September 11, 2001, all daytime dramas were preempted today. Programming will resume on Thursday, September 12th where Tuesday's shows concluded.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

In New York City, Ian and Kate have dinner again at Cellini's to discuss Brennan's case. In the background, other bar patrons remember the police and fire personnel who rushed to the rescue at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001

Back in Port Charles, Rafe stops by the Light House to see how Lucy and Kevin are doing and Rafe is surprised to find Alison at the Light House. Alison told Rafe that Lucy just went to sleep and that there has been no change in Kevin's condition. BUT, the police are NOT pursuing the assault charge and Alison believes that Kevin will eventually snap out of Kevin's current trauma.

At the Recovery Room Jack gets copies of the Biking Magazine cover he photographed in Bermuda, about the introduction of a new bike. Jack's next job is to shoot the bike in action, and Jack suggests that Jamal ride the bike for the photographs. Jamal accepts and they plan a road trip and invite Marissa to come along with them.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the Recovery Room, Chris argues by phone with the newspaper about their latest story about Lancelot, but Karen arrives and grabs the phone out of Chris's hand. Karen then announces that Lancelot's fighting days are over.

Chris guesses that Karen has learned that Frank IS 'Lancelot' and Karen informs Chris that Lancelot is now retired.

Meanwhile, Frank arrives at Livvie's Place and Livvie told Frank that she wants Frank to Kill Alison Barrington - today!

Back in New York City, Ian suggests that Kate should take Brennan to Port Charles and check him into General Hospital, since it is obvious that Kate can no longer afford private care.

Ian notices bar patrons remembering the fire and police personnel who perished on September 11 and Ian told Kate: "One day in September - one day - no - one hour - and everything changed - all our lives. And, now, all we can do is keep going. I don't know. Do it for the people who give their lives fighting just to put their lives back where they were an hour before. Do it to say no to darkness. One year later, the greatest city on earth is still here and her people - stronger than ever. Whatever the tragedy - whatever the hardship, the important thing is that, once the smoke clears and we are lucky enough to be the ones standing, we keep going. Not because we hurt less. Or grieve less. But because we can. I thank God for that.'

Back at the Recovery Room, Chris explains to Karen: 'I do NOT know what you think you know about your boyfriend's vocation, but - hey - the man you knew is long gone.'

KAREN: 'You are wrong, Chris. He has never been more alive!'

CHRIS: "No. No. No. Frank has lost control. Lancelot is the one who has taken over. And he is going to do great things for this town! Yeah! So - he is a little hungry for power - big deal!'

KAREN: "Look, Frank needs me. He needs my help. And I WILL help him fight this!'

Back at the Light House, Rafe told Alison that Rafe told Livvie that he needed to sort out his feelings about Alison and would need to see Alison to do that. Rafe told Alison how amazed he is that Alison is still holding on to hope for her relationship with Rafe. Alison replies to Rafe that love is what gives her the faith to hold on.

RAFE: "I feel so lost sometimes. But I believe in you, Alison. And, now I know that walking away from you would be like walking away from this deep part of myself. And it is a part of myself I STILL do NOT understand!'

Rafe told Alison that he NEEDS to spend time with her and see where their relationship leads.

Back at Livvie's Place, Frank told Livvie that he has NO reason to get rid of Alison for Livvie. But Livvie guesses that Karen was the one who pulled Frank out of the fire. Livvie threatens to tell Karen how Frank's hunger for power turns him nasty. Livvie suggests that maybe Karen and Livvie should compare notes about Frank's technique in bed. Frank reminds Livvie that he could kill Livvie right there - but Livvie shows Frank that Livvie has made a tape - giving Livvie's version of Livvie's first encounter with 'Lancelot' in the woods - which Livvie is now claiming was a rape. Livvie informs Frank that Livvie has made arrangements for a copy of the tape to reach Karen if anything bad ever happens to Livvie.

Back at the Recovery Room, Marissa finally accepts the invitation from Jack and Jamal, and Marissa says: "Good-bye, Lancelot. Hello - Boyfriend!'

JACK: "Chasing monsters gets kind of old, Marissa. Trust me!'

Meanwhile, Chris and Karen continue discussing Frank:

CHRIS: 'So - what? You think you can just give Frank a big hug and make all the bad stuff go away? Is that it?'

KAREN: "No. I am going to make a home for him where he feels safe and loved. Because - love DOES work miracles!'

CHRIS: "Well, let me tell YOU something. Frank is going to be famous - a legend! And if marketing comes through, there will even be an action figure...'

KAREN: 'You know what? It is YOUR kind of greed that brought out the worst in Frank! You only see the dark side of him. I see the light! Now, if you thought dealing with The Avatar was scary - NOW - you are dealing with me! Stay away from Frank!' And Karen storms out.

At the Light House, Rafe takes Alison's hand and told her: "This is crazy. I mean, I still can't remember anything - just so you know! I mean, I can just do something like this, and it feels right. That is all I know.'

ALISON: "That is enough for now.'

Rafe told Alison that he would like to have a day, just for the two of them. Rafe and Alison agree to pack a picnic lunch and meet later in the Park.

Meanwhile, in New York City, as Ian tries to convince Kate to move Brennan to Port Charles, Kate admits that it will difficult for Kate to let a man she is attracted to take care of the man she loves.

Back at the Recovery Room, Chris asks Marissa WHY she changed her tune about Lancelot and Marissa told Chris that Lancelot changed and Marissa's priorities have also changed. Jack invites Chris to join them on the road trip, but Chris declines the invitation to get involved in anything that would NOT include room service - in spite of the fact that Jack reminds Chris that a road trip would give them a chance to do 'that brother thing.'

Rafe returns home, and he is surprised when Livvie greets him with the news that she has changed her mind and that she no longer believes it is wise to ask Rafe and Alison to stay apart.

LIVVIE: 'If you need to be with her to find out what is in your heart, then I think you should be with her. I am NOT going to try and stop you any more. Let's deal with Alison once and for all!'

Karen returns home and looks at a picture of Frank taken in happier times and Karen remembers that she promised that she WOULD save Frank. Karen told Frank's picture that they WILL be able to win out against The Avatar's influence.

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Alison hears a strange noise and went outside to check on it. When Alison's back is turned, the Avatar grabs her from behind.

Friday, September 13, 2002

Victor arrives at the Light House to find Lucy throwing out her tarot cards, crystals, runes and crystal ball. Lucy confesses to Victor that her cards and crystals have failed her because, if her cards actually worked, Lucy would have been forewarned about Kevin's impending breakdown - and Lucy knows that Lucy received NO such warning from the Universe.

Meanwhile, at the Kovich Apartment, Rafe is incredulous when Livvie told her husband that she believes Rafe SHOULD spend time with Alison in order to resolve all of Rafe's feelings about Alison once and for all. But Livvie told Rafe that she will insist upon ONE condition - that, if Rafe decides he DOES belong with Livvie and her baby - that Rafe will promise that the Kovich family will leave Port Charles far behind and find a place to live that will offer them some peace and security - far away from deadly evil spirits to fight. If, however, Rafe decides that he does belong with Alison, then Livvie promises that Livvie will never make another claim on Rafe again.

At the same time, in the Park, The Avatar has captured Alison and tied her to a tree. Alison promises The Avatar that, if the Avatar is trying to get back at Rafe by scaring Alison, then Alison will go to Rafe and convince Rafe to back off in Rafe's campaign to rid Port Charles of The Avatar.

Back at the Light House, Lucy remembers her wedding to Kevin and asks Victor if Victor knows of a way to fix the situation, with Kevin locked away and believing that Kevin is Ryan. But Victor sadly informs Lucy that the only thing Victor can tell Lucy is to pray and not to give up hope. But Lucy told Victor that she believes that simple remedy may NOT be enough to fix the situation this time.

In the meantime, at the Kovich Apartment, Rafe agrees to Livvie's conditions and leaves to meet Alison, with Livvie's blessings. However, after Rafe leaves, Livvie smugly told herself that Livvie KNOWS that Rafe will NOT meet Alison as planned.

In the Park, Alison reminds The Avatar that he is supposed to be a hero, but there is nothing heroic about The Avatar's attack on Alison.

AVATAR: 'You should have stayed away from Rafe! She warned you!'

Alison suddenly guesses that Livvie is somehow in cahoots with the Avatar and that Livvie has something to do with Alison's current predicament.

Back at the Light House, after Lucy remembers something Kevin said at their wedding, Lucy again looks for her cards to give her an answer. As Lucy searches through the cards she has thrown away, Ian suddenly arrives. Lucy at first orders Ian to leave. But then, she suddenly breaks down in tears and cries on Ian's shoulder.

In the Park, Rafe is puzzled when he waits and waits but Alison does NOT show up as agreed for their date. In the meanwhile, Livvie went to Lucy's Old Place and begins packing Alison's bags for her.

In the Park, Alison begs The Avatar to NOT let Livvie turn him into a monster. But Frank remembers the blackmail that Livvie is holding over his head.

ALISON: "I do NOT want to die!'

AVATAR: "You have to!'

While Rafe continues waiting for Alison in the Park, Livvie is sitting at Lucy's Old Place, pen in hand - and Livvie begins writing a farewell letter from Alison to Rafe.

Then Rafe phones Alison to see why Alison is late, but it is Livvie who listens as Rafe leaves his message. Livvie listens to Rafe's puzzled message, then Livvie assures herself that Rafe will NEVER see Alison again!

Back in the Park, Alison told The Avatar: "Please - do NOT do this! You do NOT want to kill an innocent person! Please - that is NOT you. You are better than that! You are noble and you are honest and you are good. Please! Please! I swear to you - you do NOT have to do this.'

AVATAR: "I have to.'

ALISON: "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures and He leads me beside the still water. He restores my soul....'

As the Avatar closes in on Alison, the Avatar says: "I am sorry!'

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