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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 9, 2002 on GH
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Monday, September 9, 2002

Sonny's penthouse:
Carly had a nightmare that Sonny was shot and dying in her arms. She woke up and went downstairs where Sonny found her. She told him about her nightmare and they talked about it and then talked about what her dreams were. She didn't really want to talk about it but Sonny asked why she could share her nightmare with him but not her dreams. So she told him about the mansion and butler and all the other stuff.

Jason's penthouse:
Jason and Liz talked. She mentioned about making a mistake sleeping with Zander. Jason said he saw them and she asked why he didn't let her know. He finally admitted to wanting her but warned her that there would be times when he had to leave and couldn't tell her where he was going or what he was doing. She said she understood.

Luke was holding a gun on Scott and two guards. Alexis showed up and talked him out of shooting Scott. After Luke was taken away Scott told Alexis the case was closed. "You sanctimonious hypocrite, I'll shoot you myself," Alexis told Scott.

Lucas, Maxie and Georgie were sitting outside when some of Alcazar's men got to them and grabbed Maxie and Georgie. Felicia heard a scream and went running out. Lucas told her he tried to stop them but they got Maxie and Georgie. Roy told Felicia he would get them back. He took off and Mac showed up. Felicia didn't tell him what happened and he jumped to the conclusion that the girls were giving her a bad time. She didn't correct him. Later, after Roy had been to see Alcazar, he returned to tell Felicia the girls are okay. She was hysterical and wanted to call Mac. Roy said no, they would get them back.
Inside Kelly's, Bobbie was with Nikolas, Lucky and Gia. She was defending Luke, as was Lucky. Lucky and Nikolas were at each other's throats again. Gia was fed up with them and told them to act together for their mother's sake and for Lulu. Lucky took off to see Luke.

Police station:
Alexis was trying to get Luke to talk and tell her exactly what happened with Scott, Laura, Rick Webber and the late Teresa Carter. He was saying nothing. He told her to leave, she wasn't his lawyer. Lucky went to see him and he said Laura was where she should be right now. He said he didn't want to see his dad in jail and Luke said he wasn't going to be in jail. He has some plan up his sleeve, as usual.

Brenda was trying to get Diana to help her to get to Sonny to warn him. She told Diana that Luis said he would help her keep her friends safe but he was going back on his word. Nobody would help her. The Doctor was called and wanted to give her something. She didn't want it, she wanted off the yacht to warn a friend.
Roy showed up and had Alcazar in a stranglehold. He wanted to see for himself that Maxie and Georgie were safe. He talked to Maxie and she said they were okay but scared. They were given hamburgers and sodas. Alcazar told Roy that he was to eliminate Sonny.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Skye's Motel Room

Jax traces Skye down to her motel room, and comments on the lack of accommodations. She has been hiding out under the assumption that she'll be arrested for Edward's attempted murder, not knowing that Edward admitted to pulling the plug himself. Skye is surprised to learn she didn't try to kill Edward, and that she's been cleared of attempted murder charges. She tells Jax that, after her bender, she's been to AA meetings everyday. Skye tells Jax she never stopped loving him, and that she was wrong to believe Edward over Jax. Jax asks Skye when she's going to stop blaming her family history for her actions. She tells him she could never have fulfilled her contract with Edward. He tells her to pack, they're leaving the motel.

AJ & Courtney's Apartment

Courtney, again, brings up the strip club she says she's trying to forget. She seems to have some self-doubts about herself as a result of her stripper stint. Edward arrives as Courtney is leaving for work. Edward asks AJ "how is little Daisy"? AJ questions what Edward knows about Daisy. Edward says he has a habit of keeping tabs on family members, whether they're in his good graces or not. Edward points out to AJ that, if AJ had behaved, Courtney would never have had to go trough the humiliating stripper gig to begin with. Edward tells AJ that Ned has taken control of ELQ, Ned is full of himself, and Edward wants AJ's help in bringing Ned down a notch or two. AJ refuses to cooperate with Edward. Courtney and AJ enter, and Courtney is congratulating AJ for resolving the Coleman situation like an adult. AJ heads out for the gym. Courtney tells him not to leave, because she's finally feeling romantic, and kisses AJ.

Quartermaine Mansion

Alexis tells Ned there's just so much of the Quartermaine family laying claim to her baby that she can take. Monica and Alan arrive. Monica tells Ned the family is behind any action he wants to take against Edward. Ned has conditions for continuing to act as CEO of ELQ. Ned wants to raid all of Sonny's legitimate businesses and drive him into bankruptcy. He hopes that Sonny will either be brought up on racketeering charges or be driven out of the country, and he doesn't care if ELQ is ruined in the process. Monica points out that starting a war with Sonny will bring Jason into the picture, and further split the Quartermaine family. Alan calls Ned an arrogant fool and says he'd rather deal with Edward. Edward says he'd like to live a Sonny-free existence, but he doesn't believe Ned is up to the Sonny challenge. Edward arrives. Then Skye arrives at the mansion and tells Edward that, by the time she'd done with him, he is going to wish she pulled that plug. Skye tells Edward he's a sick, twisted human being and a cruel, sadistic old man. Edward tells Skye to play the innocent lamb bit, but that she wanted to sign the contract. Skye challenges Edward to tell Jax the truth. Edward announces that everything that Skye has said is true, but that she's still a viper loyal only to herself. Monica tells Edward to go find Lila before Monica throws him out of the house.

Outside Kelly's

Roy and Felicia discuss her daughters' kidnapping. Roy laments that he ever got Felicia or the girls involved with Alcazar. An Alcazar courier arrives and tells Felicia that her girls are all right. The courier wants Felicia to accompany him sans Roy. Inside Kelly's, Coleman is sitting at one of Courtney's stations. He tells her he has a new business and starts to suggest she work for him, but she tells him to go to hell. She tells Coleman she won't strip again. He tells her the new business is a bar, and he's there to apologize to her. He says that in some weird way he doesn't get, Courtney's sacrifice for AJ was the most generous thing he's ever seen and it has changed his life. AJ intrudes and tells Coleman to get coffee somewhere else. Courtney is amazed that AJ didn't act like the old AJ. Coleman looks at Courtney through the restaurant window. Maxie and Georgie appear and tell Roy they have a message from Alcazar. Alcazar is holding Felicia hostage in their stead.

Alcazar's Yacht

Brenda tells Alcazar that she feels so much better that he needs to let her out of the locked room. She tells him he is her whole life and the only person she wants to be with, and asks him to get them out of Port Charles. Diana, the nurse, arrives to give Brenda more medication. Brenda requests no more drugs, but Alcazar insists they are upon doctor's orders. The nurse administers tries to administer the medication, but Brenda talks her out of it. Diana injects the pillow instead. When the door is opened for Diana to leave, Brenda notices a Maritime Emergency Kit. Brenda feigns tripping, and a guard enters the room. She asks him for help in getting off the floor pretending she has a sprained ankle. She asks the guard to get the first aid kit outside. The guard dismounts it off the wall, lays it on the bed, and puts a flare gun to the side. Brenda pays the guard a few idle compliments to gain his trust so he'll let down his guard. Brenda starts flirting with the guard, hugging and caressing him while simultaneously grabbing the flare gun and putting in under her bottom. Alcazar walks into the room. She tells Alcazar she's hurt her ankle and she hopes he's there to let her out, but he locks her in anyway. Brenda hides the flare gun under the pillow.

Unknown Location

A blindfolded Felicia is reunited with Georgie and Maxie. Alcazar enters the room and asks the girls to leave. He tells Felicia to go back to Roy and tell him to fulfill his part of the bargain. Felicia offers herself in exchange for the girls. Felicia tries to use Mac's position as leverage, but Alcazar isn't impressed. He tells Felicia that his only interest is in Roy's performance, not in Felicia.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Due to the remembrance of the events of September 11, 2001, all daytime dramas were preempted today. Programming will resume on Thursday, September 12th where Tuesday's shows concluded.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Alexis tries to stop the judge from allowing Luke to plead guilty to the murder of Rick Webber. The judge denies her claim that Luke Spencer is just protecting the woman he loves and that considering his track record, Luke can plead anyway he wants and can confess if he wants. Luke tells the judge that he was protecting Laura and that he wanted to kill Rick Webber for trying to harm Laura. The judge accepts Luke's guilty plea and schedules his sentencing for later that day. Alexis feels that Luke is going to regret his actions later when Laura gets better. Nikolas offers Lucky his support as a brother. Luke is sentenced by the judge to life in prison for 2nd degree murder. Scott visits him in prison and tries to persuade him to change his mind and admit that was only protecting Laura and that he didn't intend to kill Rick and throw himself on the mercy of the court. Luke doesn't listen to him and realizes that Scott is only trying to change his mind so that Bobbie won't be angry with him for putting him away for life. Scott leaves in a huff and Lucky shows up to lend his support and find out what Luke is really up to. Later, he shows up in the visitor's room wearing a cop's uniform and announces to a surprised Luke that he is there to help him escape.

Jax visits Brenda's old cottage on the anniversary of her "death." Sonny shows up and the two men decide to play the blame game on which one of them ruined Brenda's life the most. Sonny refuses to take the blame for what happened to Brenda. Meanwhile, Skye pays Carly a surprise visit at the penthouse. She asks Carly to tell her how Jax's relationship with Brenda was. Carly spins it so that Brenda looks like a needy person who used Jax after Sonny dumped her at the altar. She tells her that Brenda was the love of Jax's life. Skye thanks her for being honest with her. Carly shows some compassion and tells her where Brenda's cottage is located. Skye shows up. She tells Jax that she loves him and that she doesn't care if he loves her back or how long it takes for him to love her, she will wait. She apologizes for barging in on him while he is remembering Brenda. Jax doesn't let her leave without telling her that he has been over Brenda for awhile now and that a year from now she won't find him at her cottage but with her. Jax embraces her.

Brenda tries to act like she is ok with them leaving Port Charles soon and shows her gratitude toward Alcazar for all that he has done for her including saving her life 4 years ago. Alcazar still locks her up in the room. Brenda takes out the flare gun she had stolen from the first aid kit earlier. She sets up blockade with chairs and tables in the room and shoots the flare gun, aiming for the window. Back in the penthouse, Sonny tells Carly that he saw Jax at Brenda's old cottage. He reassures Carly that he loves her now and that Brenda is in his past now. He still can't stop thinking about her. Earlier, he had asked Jason to pick up Carly and bring her to the docks. Sonny got a report from Jason that the woman he saw on Alcazar's boat was escorted off the boat and it looked like Alcazar was planning to leave port. Sonny didn't buy it and wondered what Alcazar's nex move is going to be. Alcazar meets with Roy on the docks and has one of his drag Felicia with him to get Roy to agree to kill Sonny in exchange for Felicia's safety. Roy finally agreed to do it under duress. Roy lost his chance when he saw Sonny alone on the docks with no bodyguards but Jason and Carly prevented him from doing anything. Sonny later witnesses Alcazar's boat catching on fire from the window of the penthouse. He allows Carly to go with him to check out what happened. Brenda is trapped in the boat and cant' escape when the boat takes in water.

Friday, September 13, 2002

The water continues to rise around Brenda as she desperately tries to escape from the sinking yacht. Brenda manages to make it to shore and eludes being seen by Alcazar. Brenda convinces a teenager to call Sonny to arrange a meeting at St. Timothy's. Sonny demands to speak to the woman who asked the teenager to call him. Alcazar orders Felicia locked up in the hotel room after she fails to escape from him on the docks. Disguised as a prison guard, Lucky visits Luke. Luke won't allow Lucky to help him escape. Scott narrowly misses discovering Lucky. Nikolas asks what he can do to repay Luke for the sacrifice he's making for Laura. Nikolas writes as Luke dictates a love letter to Laura. Skye opens up about living life as an alcoholic and explains to Jax why she fell off the wagon. Jax and Skye make love.

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