General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 2, 2002 on GH

The woman kept captive on Alcazar's yacht turned out to be Brenda. She hid from Jason while he was on board. Sonny was angered when Carly refused to leave Port Charles with Michael. Roy told Alcazar that he did not want to murder either Sonny or Jax. Scott and Luke were troubled when Laura appeared to think that she was a teenager again. Doctors told Luke that Laura needed special psychiatric treatment at a facility in England. Luke pulled a gun on Scott. Lucas, Georgie, and Maxie returned from their vacations. A.J. and Courtney were not able to get past Courtney's employment at the Oasis. Alan was furious when he learned that Edward had faked his own death attempt to implicate Skye.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 2, 2002 on GH
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Monday, September 2, 2002

Mac and Scott found Luke and Laura in the attic. Luke was arrested for the murder of Rick Webber. Laura was taken to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

In his penthouse, Sonny asked Jason why he'd gone against Sonny's order to get rid of A.J. by having him arrested for arson. Jason argued that he'd wanted Jason to take care of Courtney, and that was what Jason had done. Jason said A.J. was what Courtney wanted. They went round and round, with Sonny questioning Jason's loyalty.

Jason couldn't believe Sonny would question his loyalty. Carly returned home, and she stopped their arguing. She said A.J. wasn't worth it. After Jason left, Carly and Sonny talked. He told her that Alcazar was after him, but he didn't know why. He said he'd heard Jax had also been targeted, but he didn't know whether to believe that.

Alexis was at the hospital to see Dr. Meadows, but before she could see the doctor, she received a call from Luke. Ned was with her and kept warning her to slow down. He said he would get the test results and bring them to her.

Elsewhere, in the psychiatric unit, Scott went to see Laura and ask her some questions about what had happened in the attic. He was taping their conversation, and she admitted to killing Rick.

Luke was brought in to the police station, and he demanded to see his wife. He insisted he was not guilty, and he demanded to be released. Alexis arrived, and he wasn't up-front with her. He said he wasn't guilty. Later, Scott went to see Luke and played the tape for him. He said he'd had a suspicion that it had been Laura. Ned arrived at the station to tell Alexis that if she wanted to deliver a healthy, full-term baby, she had to cut down to three normal days a week. Alexis said it was no problem; the case against Luke would be over quickly. Later, Luke confessed to killing Rick Webber.

Liz and Zander were hiding out in a motel room, and Liz told Zander that Jason would be able to help them. She left to find Jason, and Alcazar's goon arrived at the door, pretending to be Jason. Zander let him in, and the goon asked Zander what he knew. Zander said he didn't remember anything except being on a yacht. The goon asked him more questions, and Zander picked up a cup of coffee. The guy told him to put the coffee down. He had a gun pointed at Zander, and Zander threw the coffee in his face. Later, Liz and Jason arrived and found the thug unconscious. Jason tried talking to him but received no answer.

Alcazar, on his yacht, asked the mystery woman if she was all right. She shook her head. He said he knew she wanted to go ashore, but there was nothing there except people who would hurt her again. He said she had to trust him and advised her to think about their future. She finally spoke, saying, "There is no future."

At their apartment, A.J. and Courtney started to kiss, and A.J. pulled away. Courtney thought that because of her stripping, he couldn't look at her anymore. He said it wasn't her; it was him. He said he was the reason she did it in the first place. They talked and finally made up.

Tuesday, September 3, 2002

At the hospital, Edward still refused to wake up, although his vitals were fine, according to Alan. Lila visited with Edward and held his hand. Lila thought Edward squeezed her hand, but she wasn't sure. Ned started a fight with Jax in Edward's hospital room because Jax had obtained ELQ behind Ned's back while Ned had been asleep at the CEO wheel. The family blamed Ned for the hostile takeover, and they continued to argue over the comatose Edward in his hospital room.

Ned confessed to neglecting his family responsibilities at ELQ. Jax reiterated that he "is ELQ," and immediately Edward emerged from his fake coma. Ned and Jax's trick had worked -- Edward had been faking. Edward claimed it was a miracle. Ned and Jax accused Edward of pulling his own plug to set up Skye for an attempted murder rap, and he admitted it. Edward played on Jax's emotions by reminding him that, guilty of murder or not, Skye had betrayed Jax, and he was going to have to live with that.

Taggert confronted Jason about a patient in 512, Alcazar's hitman, who claimed his gun had gone off accidentally when he'd been cleaning it. Taggert said that Jason had dumped the man at the Emergency Room. Taggert asked Liz what it was going to take for her to distance herself from Jason -- she'd already been shot and kidnapped. Alcazar stopped by General Hospital to visit the patient in room 512. Not surprisingly, a code blue was called for room 512. Jason was there and overheard the code blue.

Liz and Jason still couldn't locate Zander.

Outside Kelly's, Alcazar was discussing business with Roy when Felicia, Maxie, and Georgie appeared. Outside, Georgie and Maxie talked to Alcazar as if he was a normal person, not knowing he was a criminal. Felicia warned Alcazar to stay away from her girls. Roy recommended that Felicia and the girls go to Texas to be safe, but she argued that Alcazar was an international figure and could track her down anywhere. Felicia wanted to help Roy take Alcazar down.

Inside the restaurant, Nikolas and Lucky argued about who had killed Rick Webber. Nikolas relayed that he had a lot of pull at the hospital and that he could arrange for them to see Laura.

At the police headquarters, Luke told Scott about the memories that had been haunting Laura. Scott asked Luke who Laura thought had killed Theresa Carter, and Luke lied and says it had been Rick Webber. Scott wanted a confession from Luke. Luke said the night that Rick had been killed, he'd heard Laura tell Rick Webber that she'd known Rick had killed Theresa, and Rick had been approaching Laura with a syringe. Luke accused Rick of being a smarmy, self-centered liar.

Luke then claimed he had picked up a candlestick and hit Rick in the head, killing Rick. Alexis read Luke's confession and questioned its validity to Luke. Alexis told Luke she thought Laura had killed Rick Webber in self-defense then snapped -- and that Luke was protecting her. Alexis told Luke she had seen Laura and that Laura was incoherent. Luke exploded, and Alexis apologized for not clearing the visit with Luke first.

Alexis asked what had really happened to Rick Webber, and Luke picked up the confession. Luke said Laura was not strong enough to undergo a trial, and he didn't want her locked up for life in a rubber room. Luke fired Alexis as his attorney when she told him she couldn't allow Luke to confess to a murder he hadn't committed. Luke invoked attorney-client privilege and warned Alexis he'd better not find out she'd told anyone he was innocent of murder. Alexis stated that she could develop a great defense case for Laura, but Luke was unconvinced.

Lucky stopped by to see Luke. Luke wanted Lucky to do nothing and to support Luke's story, but Lucky balked. Alexis asked Scott if he was aware that it was illegal to prosecute an innocent man, and he asked her if she should be working so hard while she was pregnant. Luke tried to convince Lucky that Laura was too frail to withstand a trial, and he needed Lucky's help. Luke reassured Lucky that he could get through it to take care of Laura and Lulu.

Alexis visited Laura in the psychiatric ward. Alexis told Laura that Nikolas and Lucky were fine, and she promised to check on Lulu. Alexis told Laura that Luke was in jail and being charged with Rick Webber's murder. Alexis asked what had happened in the attic the night Rick had died, but imaginary teenaged Laura appeared and told Laura, "Don't tell. Don't trust her." Alexis questioned who Laura was looking at.

Alexis offered to tell Laura what had happened, and Laura could correct her. Imaginary teenaged Laura kept telling Laura that all Alexis wanted to do was lock her up forever. Laura flipped out, and hospital personnel told Alexis to leave.

Nikolas and Lucky arrived to visit Laura. Laura was thrilled to see them. Laura blamed her problems on being overtired. They asked Laura how they could help, and she said all she needed was a little rest. Lucky wanted to get some things settled, and he told her Luke was in jail. The imaginary teenaged Laura appeared behind the boys and told Laura, "Don't trust them."

When Lucky told Laura that Luke was in big trouble, she said, "So, what else is new?" Laura talked to imaginary teenaged Laura, and the boys questioned who she was talking to. Nikolas offered to call Laura's doctor, and Laura accused Nikolas of wanting to keep her drugged, a Cassadine tradition.

Liz and Jason arrived at Liz's studio apartment, and Zander followed them in, pointing a gun at Jason. Zander wanted to know who Jason was. Zander then said the guy who came after him was Jason. Jason told Zander that someone was trying to kill him.

Jason allowed Liz and Zander to hide out at his penthouse. All Zander remembered was that the hitman had been on Alcazar's boat. Jason left and told Zander and Liz to stay put. Liz continued to query Zander about his memories of the boat. Zander remembered a woman with porcelain soft skin, dark hair, understanding eyes, and the scent of jasmine.

Wednesday, September 4, 2002

Sonny ordered Jason to investigate Alcazar's yacht. While on the yacht, Jason learned Alcazar was holding a woman who was very important to his ultimate goal. Brenda was revealed to be the mystery woman on the yacht.

Sonny was furious when Carly reneged on their deal to hide out on the island for her own safety.

Zander was hurt by Liz and Jason's closeness. Liz opened up to Zander about her feelings for Jason.

Ned outsmarted Edward to seize control of ELQ. Edward was pleased at the thought of Alexis' baby becoming the next Quartermaine heir.

Thursday, September 5, 2002

Scott paid Laura a visit at General Hospital. She didn't seem to know who he was at first. She told him that she didn't know why she was locked up and said she thought her parents had done it because she was breaking curfew and not keeping her grades up. Scott realized that Laura had regressed to being a young girl and not a grown woman. He told her that he would try to get her out of there, but it couldn't be right away. He admitted that he and some others had tried to protect her years earlier and had kept things from her for that reason; however, unfortunately, things had gotten out of control, and that was why she was there.

Scott mentioned the attic, and Laura clammed up and refused to talk about it, since it was too scary. Scott told her they never had to talk about what had happened in the attic ever again. Laura pleaded with him to let her out and get her parents to come. Scott looked at her helplessly.

Meanwhile, Bobbie went to see Luke at the police station. She had just gotten back from vacation in Yellowstone Park and had learned what had happened. She tried to persuade Luke not to confess to killing Rick Webber and to instead get Laura to testify at his trial about what had happened. Luke refused to change his mind and told Bobbie that he didn't want Laura to testify for him at any trial. He insisted Laura would be better off forgetting about what had happened and getting better. Bobbie tried to persuade him to reconsider his actions and help himself so he could help Laura.

Luke got Bobbie to agree to look after Lulu. Scott ran into Bobbie after she visited Luke. She asked him why he was trying to railroad Luke into confessing. Scott told her that he had tried to talk to Luke and to help him, but Luke insisted on confessing. Bobbie believed that lie.

Scott went in to see Luke. Luke acted like he was still planning to confess to murder. He accused Scott of causing Laura's problems to begin with by covering up what had happened at the attic all those years before. Scott said he'd only been trying to protect Laura.

Roy stopped by to see Luke after postponing his dinner date with Felicia, who told him what was going on with Luke. Luke set up a plan to help Laura and himself with Roy's help. Roy agreed to help Luke with his secret plan. Scott waited until Roy left the police station then Scott dropped a written confession in front of Luke to sign. Luke informed him there had been a change of plans and that he wouldn't agree to sign anything until Scott agreed to let him see Laura for the last time. Scott refused.

Luke informed Scott that Scott shouldn't care if Luke saw Laura, since he would be going to prison and wouldn't be seeing Laura again. He accused Scott of still being in love with Laura. Scott agreed to let Luke see Laura. Luke showed up, and Laura didn't seem happy to see him. He tried to convince her not to take her pills and that he planned to get her out of General Hospital that night. Luke didn't know that Scott could see and hear them in a one-way mirror next door.

Laura didn't seem to trust Luke and accused him of being a bad man who had hurt her once. Luke tried to get her to listen to him, but she freaked out and insisted on seeing her mother at once.

Jason picked the lock in one of the rooms in Alcazar's boat. Brenda was on the other side of the door. Jason told her that she was safe with him and that he was a friend and worked for Sonny Corinthos. He explained that he was there to help her. Brenda recognized Jason's voice but was afraid to tell him who she was. Jason got into the room, with no sign of Brenda. He saw another door and went toward it. When he opened it, Brenda's nurse was on the other side, not Brenda. She refused to help Jason, and Alcazar and his men entered and caught Jason.

Alcazar ordered his men to kill Jason and to "make no mistakes this time." They dragged a fighting Jason out on deck and tried to kill him. Jason fought back, knocked both men down, and dove overboard after both men tried to shoot at him in the water. Brenda tried to sneak out of the room, but Alcazar caught her and stopped her from going to help Jason.

Brenda heard the gunshots and got worried. Alcazar tried to reassure her that everything would be all right. He put her on a guilt trip by mentioning that everything he had done so far had been for her. He told her he was doing everything in his power to stop Jax and Sonny from learning about her. She told him that she didn't want both men hurt or killed, and Alcazar promised not to hurt them that way.

Brenda left the room but stayed close by. Roy showed up to meet with Alcazar. Brenda overheard Alcazar order Roy to kill Sonny for him. Roy refused to kill anyone for Alcazar, even Sonny. Brenda was disturbed by Alcazar's deception.

Meanwhile, Sonny tried to convince Carly to leave Port Charles and go to the island to stay safe. Carly convinced him to let her be near him and help him instead. Sonny agreed. He decided to take her out in public, since it wasn't going to be what Alcazar expected from him, and also to get a message across to Alcazar that he wouldn't be intimidated. They showed up at Carly's former club and were dismayed to find Jax having dinner with Alexis at one table, and Courtney and A.J. at another table.

Sonny explained to Carly that Jax just wanted any excuse to get her out of the club to get back at him, despite the bad embezzlement plan she'd tried to get away with. Sonny told her that he'd seen Jax get off of Alcazar's boat and that Jax had offered a deal to Sonny to work together to take down Alcazar. Sonny told her he hadn't bought it and didn't trust Jax enough to go for it. Sonny was also concerned when he didn't hear from Jason right away.

Carly went over to Jax's table to give him hell. Sonny let her go off, and Jax just listened politely and then warned Carly to get far away from Sonny if she wanted to live a long life. Jax had already told Alexis who the mysterious enemy was that had apparently blown up Sonny's warehouse and killed Kristina. Alexis told Jax that she realized that she'd had blinders on for quite a while regarding Sonny's business and that she'd wanted to make excuses for him. She agreed with Jax that he was right about Sonny being a career criminal.

At the other table, Courtney got the idea that A.J. was somehow guarded with her out in a public place after he fixed her shawl over her revealing dress. Things got worse when a customer approached the table and asked Courtney, after he recognized her, if he could hire her as a stripper for his friend's bachelor party. A.J. asked the man to leave them alone and said that Courtney was no longer in that business. The man tried to convince Courtney not to take offense and to consider the job. Sonny overheard the altercation and stepped in.

A.J. resented Sonny's interference, but Sonny stepped in and got the man to leave them alone. Courtney told Sonny to stay out of it and to let them handle things. A.J. said he didn't like that Courtney had allowed the man to talk to her like that and hadn't said anything. Courtney said she didn't want trouble and wanted to finish their dinner. A.J. refused their meals and ushered her out. Sonny tried to explain that he had only been trying to help, but it fell on deaf ears.

Zander questioned Liz about her relationship with Jason. Liz tried to be honest with him. Zander asked her if they had ever been more than friends. Liz explained to him that they had been more than friends once but that it really had been a mistake for them both. She also told him about how he had been in love with her friend Emily at one time but that it hadn't worked out and how Emily was out of town, in rehab for a broken back, and doing fine.

Jason showed up with a cut on his temple. Liz went to him and took care of his cut. Jason asked Zander to try to remember more about what had happened on the boat and shared what he had seen there.

Friday, September 6, 2002

Carly and Sonny went to see how Jason was and realized that she might cause problems for Zander. Carly volunteered to leave, but Sonny told her to stay. They learned about what had happened on Alcazar's yacht and how Jason had been shot at. Jason told them that he'd found the woman that Alcazar had been holding, who was, unknown to him, Diana, Brenda's nurse, and that he had no idea who she was.

Later, Carly and Sonny talked about how much they loved each other, and Carly promised that she was trustworthy and would always stand by him.

Felicia, Maxie, Georgie, Lucas, and Bobbie spent some time together at Kelly's and talked about Bobbie and Lucas' trip and how a bear had chased them. Later, Bobbie's pager went off, and she had to leave, so Lucas stayed with the girls. When Roy showed up, Felicia sent Maxie, Georgie, and Lucas outside to eat dessert while she and Roy talked and kissed. While the kids were sitting outside, some of Alcazar's men showed up around the corner.

Brenda was worried that Alcazar wanted Roy to kill Sonny, and Diana recommended that she convince him that Sonny and Jax no longer meant anything to her so that he might consider leaving them alone. Alcazar walked in and talked with Brenda, and then they made love. Later, when Alcazar was asleep, Brenda sneaked out of bed and left the room, taking his cell phone. She called Sonny, who answered, but before she had a chance to say anything, Alcazar walked in and hung up the phone.

Jason and Liz began to get close again, and Liz seemed to be working at breaking Jason's soft shell so that he would allow them to form a more personal relationship. Liz tried to convince him that she was not going to one day change her mind about him because of what he did for a living.

Luke tried to break through to Laura and help her remember her life with him, Lucky, Nikolas, and Lulu. Unfortunately, Laura thought that she was still a teenager and didn't remember her husband and children. She also thought that Luke wanted to hurt her. The orderlies entered the room, forcing Luke to leave, and they put Laura in a straitjacket and gave her some medicine to calm her down.

Later, Nikolas and Lucky went to see their mom after spending time with Lulu, and they learned that Laura didn't know who they were. The doctors decided to send Laura to a special clinic in London, where she could get better treatment and hopefully one day recover. Nikolas and Lucky saw their mother and were forced to say an emotional goodbye. The doctor didn't want Laura to ever see Luke again, but Luke desperately wanted to say goodbye to her.

Later, when an orderly arrived to move Laura, Luke got his final chance to see her and was only able to say, "Goodbye, my angel. Goodbye."

When Lucky and Nikolas went to see Lulu again, they tried to explain that her mom couldn't see her right then and was going away to London for a while. Lulu heartbreakingly told the boys how much she wanted her mom.

Scott returned to the hospital to make Luke sign his confession, and all of a sudden, Luke pulled a gun on Scott and the two guards.

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