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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 9, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, September 9, 2002

Margo jumps out of bed and tries to arrest Henry in her hospital room, but Henry escapes by pretending to see Robert Goulet. After he hears about Margo's run-in with Henry, John tells Margo that she should start thinking about a career change. Margo tearfully tells Katie, "If I'm not a cop, I'm not really sure I know who I am." Katie consoles her.

Henry runs out of the room and bumps into Simon in the hall of the hospital. Simon takes Henry directly to Lucinda's house, where Lucinda pays Simon for bringing Henry. Lucinda and Simon leave Henry alone in a room, and he immediately opens Lucinda's safe, seeing piles of money. He takes some money, but leaves most of it in the safe. Henry talks for Lucinda for a few minutes, then hastily tries to leave her office. When he opens the door, he runs into a policeman. Lucinda then tells him that he must live up to his original agreement to work for Lucinda or he can go to jail. Lucinda takes Henry down to Simon and tells both of them that Henry will be Simon's assistant, remodeling Simon and Katie's house in time for Katie's return from the hospital.

Alison runs to Emily, telling her, "Mom has scammed us again." Alison describes boarding school as prison, and Emily responds by asking Alison why she stole Rosanna Cabot's cell phone. Alison admits to taking Rosanna's phone, but she cries and tells Emily that she is scared of being sent away. She asks Emily to talk Susan out of sending her away to school, and Emily reluctantly agrees to talk to Susan. Emily tells Alison that Rosanna Cabot has offered to pay Alison's tuition. Alison storms out, saying, "The only person who's going to regret what I do is Rosanna Cabot!"

Barbara's son Will and Nancy come home to find Barbara screaming at Rosanna, "I'm desperate." Her son cries, "Stop it, stop it, stop it," then offers to stay and help Barbara. Will tells Nancy that he wants to go back to his real home with his dad, but Barbara doesn't listen to him. Rosanna offers Barbara twice what B.R.O. is worth to buy the company. Barbara accuses Rosanna of intending to give B.R.O. to Craig, but Rosanna assures Barbara that she has her own plans for B.R.O., and they don't include Craig.

Aaron confronts Craig at Craig's hotel room. Aaron, holding Rosanna's cell phone, says that he wants Craig to leave him and Rosanna alone. Aaron tells Craig that if Craig crosses him again, he will tell Lucy that Craig was involved in the Tanya Cole trick. Just then, Lucy walks in, and Aaron tells her that he has found out why Tanya Cole came from Seattle and accused him of things he didn't do. Craig acts as though he and Aaron had come to an agreement on telling Lucy the truth, and Lucy apologizes to Craig for being suspicious. Craig, in turns, compliments Aaron for being concerned about Lucy's welfare. Lucy is so impressed by Craig's fleeting niceness to Aaron that she offers to try to get along with Rosanna. After Lucy and Aaron leave Craig, Craig rolls his eyes. Craig calls Rosanna before her talk with Barbara ends, and asks Rosanna to come up to his room. Craig tells Rosanna how nice he was to Aaron and Lucy, but he sneers that in another week, Aaron won't know what hit him.

Barbara agrees to sell her company to Rosanna. As Rosanna leaves the room, Barbara sinks into her chair looking devastated. Will comes in and asks if he an go home to Hal, but Barbara tells Will that, from now on, his only home is with her.

Alison finds Aaron in the garage and asks him to use his connections at the television station to let Alison give Molly or Kim an expose of Rosanna Cabot. Alison tells Aaron about the boarding school plan, then suggests they tell Molly how Rosanna called Tanya Cole to come break up Aaron and Lucy, and also that Craig was involved. She suggests giving Molly Rosanna's cell phone as proof. Aaron tells Alison that Lucy doesn't know that Craig was involved in the Tanya Cole plot, and that Aaron is hanging on to the cell phone as insurance. He asks Alison not to tell Lucy that Craig is involved, and Alison sulks that everyone gets their way but her. When Lucy walks in, both Alison and Aaron lie to Lucy about what they were talking about. Lucy and Aaron kiss, happy to be reconciled.

Rosanna tells Craig that she has bought B.R.O. and she is turning the whole company over to Craig. The two of them giggle and gloat all the way to the bedroom.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Jess and Ben have a romantic afternoon planed however Jess cuts their plans short when she decides she has to go see Marshall and try to put and end to the mud slinging on their campaign. However she is caught off guard when Marshall makes a pass at her and tells her she is all he thinks about. He also expresses how he thinks she feels the same way. Jess replies by telling him she is not a little child and not stupid, but she wants to debate amicably and would then consider him a worthy opponent. Back at Ben's Jess doesn't want to mention how Marshall made a pass at her but since he noticed how upset she was, Ben suggested she drop out of the race before something bad happens.

Nancy stops Barbara at the Lakeview before her meeting with Travers , to tell her she informed Hal about her behavior in front of Will yesterday. Barbara was not happy about it and took off in a huff. Meanwhile Will is with Luke and Holden at the farm and Hal shows up to take Will home with him for a few hours. Holden sends the kids off and tries to talk to Hal reminding him what he has to lose by doing this. Hal said he knows the consequences, but wants to spend time with his son. The kids come back and Holden gives in allowing Hal to take Will home with him for a while.

Paul meets with Bonnie to tell her what is going on but wants to know why she hasn't returned his phone calls. They later find out Isaac ripped them up and threw them away because he doesn't want her to get involved if Stenbeck is behind it considering what he had done to Emily, Rose and Carly. After Bonnie agrees not to get mixed up in it, Isaac leaves. Paul gets up to leave and Bonnie stops him and wants to help. They go to the Lakeview where Bonnie will keep Travers Busy while Paul searches his room. Much to Paul's surprise, Brandy is already in his room searching through his things.

At the hospital, Abigail finds Chris napping while doing rounds. She wakes him up only to have other interns tell him he is in trouble because he missed rounds. They warn him John is mad and his father better help him. Chris, not buying the trouble he is in, talks to Abigail about her doing and intercept in the pediatrics wing in psychology. Chris notes they will be able to see more on each other but not before his father yells about him missing rounds. Chris offers the excuse how he was looking in on Margo since he scrubbed in on the surgery, however Bob doesn't seem to be taking Chris' excuse like he had hoped. Recap --->

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Due to the remembrance of the events of September 11, 2001, all daytime dramas were preempted today. Programming will resume on Thursday, September 12th where Tuesday's shows concluded.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Barbara shows up at the Snyder barn and demands that Holden tell her where her son is. Holden gives in and tells her that Hal came by and got him. Barbara starts to freak. Luke tells her that it will be ok because Will's dad promised to bring him back to the farm. Barbara threatens Holden that if she has lost her son, he will pay. After she storms out of the barn, Holden calls Hal and gives him a heads up about Barbara. When Will hears his father on the phone, he figures out that his mother has found out that he is with Hal. Will starts to get upset and Hal tries to calm him down. Hal tells him that he will take care of everything and Will should not worry. As Hal is giving Will a pep talk, there is a knock at the door. Hal puts his arm around his son and tells him to keep repeating, "She can't keep us apart forever." Will repeats this after his father. The two walk over to the door and Hal opens the door. Barbara is standing there with a big, scary smile on her face. She tells Will, in a happy voice, that she knew she would find him if she did some tracking down. Hal apologizes to Barbara for taking Will without calling first. He explains that he stopped out at the Snyder farm and Will was there and he wanted to spend some time with him. Barbara, in a singsong voice, says that she is glad that her son had some time to spend with his father. She tells Will that his father is busy with his new family and they should be going and she asks Will to wait for her in the car. Hal walks Will to the door and reassures his son that he will always have time for him. He gives the boy a hug and sends him out the door. After Will is gone, Hal closes the door and Barbara turns and attacks Hal. She tells him to never pull a stunt like that again or he will be sorry. Hal asks if spending time with his son is a stunt. Barbara tells him that she has enough money that he could never see his son again. Hal asks what she is implying and Barbara tells him that he could wake up someday and his son will be gone. Barbara storms out.

At the pool, Molly and Mike are smooching. Molly reminds Mike that they are not alone and should stop all the kissing. Mike tells her that he doesn't care what everyone thinks. Carly walks in and Mike tells the two women that he will leave them to talk or gossip. When he walks away, Carly tells Molly that she called Dr. Bob and he had accepted the money for the burn unit. Carly says that Mike should be getting a call any minute. Carly gets distracted when she spots a top fashion designer sitting across the pool at a table. Carly explains to Molly who she is and she wonders why she is in Oakdale. Then Craig walks in and over to the fashion designer. Carly wonders what could Mr. Sneaky be up to now. When Craig is finished talking with the designer, Carly makes her way over to Craig. Carly asks what was up with him talking to the designer. Craig tells her that it is none of her business and then he informs her that he is Chief Operating Officer of BRO. Carly starts to laugh. She says, "You are the COO of BRO? You SOB! Who did you kill to get that?" Craig says that he did nothing. Carly tells him that she can guess. She adds that Rosanna bought Barbara out and gave the company to him. Craig says, "Generous little minx, huh?" Carly says that she would have liked to be a butterfly on the wall when Barbara found out that Craig has taken control of her baby. Craig says that Bar-bar is no longer associated with her baby. Carly says that can be confusing since there is no Barbara Ryan in Barbara Ryan Originals. Craig says the name will be changed and that is why he is interviewing designers. Carly tells him that he will fall flat on his face. Craig says that he has to remind her that it is all business and that is what he is good at. He informs her that he will leave her and Lisa Grimaldi flat and he would like to place a wager on it. How about five thousand dollars. Carly says that he is only doing this because she helped Lucy and he is still mad at her. Craig says that it is only business. She tells him that the only reason that he brought that designer here was to throw her in her face and she knows he is only baiting her so she will come to work for him. He asks her who has the ego now. He tells her that he couldn't hire her because he is looking for a professional. She tells him that no one but her would put up with his shenanigans. He tells her to prove it and come to work for him. He adds that the two of them could turn the company around and together there is nothing that they can't do. She tells him that she would not partner up with him if he was the last creature roaming the earth and BRO was the last company in town. He tells her that she needs him. She answers back by saying, "I need you like I need another hole in my head." He dismisses her by saying, "You'll be back." She makes a face at him and walks over to a still kissing Molly and Mike. She says goodbye to them and leaves.

At The Lakeview dining room, Bonnie is trying to keep Marshall busy while Paul searches his room. Bonnie tells Marshall that she has been thinking about him a lot. Bonnie tells him that the night that he stopped the gunman at Java Underground she saw something in him and she can't stop thinking about him. She gives him the sexy eyes and strokes his hand. She tells him that she just can't help herself. She knows that he is in a different camp than her mother, but she just can't stop thinking about him. Marshall looks at her very soberly and tells her, "Go home little girl." Marshall gets up and leaves. Bonnie says, "Well, that went well." She takes out her cell phone and calls Paul.

While Bonnie keeps Marshall busy in The Lakeview dining room, Paul sneaks upstairs to Marshall's room to look for evidence. As Paul gets to the door, he sees that the door is ajar. He peeks in and sees Brandy searching the room. Paul walks in and slams the door and startles Brandy. She jumps and asks what is he doing there. He says that he can ask her the same thing. He demands that she tell him what she is doing in Marshall Travers hotel suite or he will call hotel security. Paul tells Brandy that they are on the same side and if she would just tell him what she is looking for, maybe they can help each other out. Brandy tells Paul that Marshall is just downstairs and he could walk through the door at any time. Brandy makes a fast escape through the door. Paul dismisses her and starts looking around the room.

When Brandy leaves Marshall's hotel suite, she goes back to the dining room and sees Bonnie and Marshall getting cozy. She leaves the dining room and goes straight to Java Underground and tells Isaac that she saw Bonnie with Travers at The Lakeview dining room and they were looking very cozy together. Isaac questions her and she says that she doesn't know what was on the menu, but she was sure they were not thinking about food. Brandy suggests that maybe Bonnie was the one feeding information to Travers. Isaac can't believe it. He asks her again if she is sure it was his Bonnie. Brandy gives him a big smile and adds that she just thought he would like to know. Brandy walks out of the bar. After she is gone, Isaac says that Brandy was just yanking his chain because she knows that there is one thing that would really....He gets his cell phone and calls Bonnie.

As Paul is looking about the room, his cell phone rings. It is Bonnie. She tells him that Marshall is on his way up to his room and he needs to get out. Paul says that he needs a little more time. Bonnie gets very nervous and tells Paul that he needs to leave, NOW! Paul agrees and hangs up the phone, but he continues to search the room. In the closet, he finds a passport and says, "Gotcha, Travers." He walks over to the door and as he starts to leave, the door handle jiggles and he knows that Travers is coming in. Paul heads for the closet. Outside the door, Bonnie walks up and tries to get Marshall to come back down stairs and talk with her again. Marshall tells her that he has a lot of work to do today and he walks into his room. Bonnie follows and sees Paul in the closet. She walks over to Marshall and turns his back to the door so Paul can make an escape. She tells him that she is not one for public display, but now that they are in private, she takes him into her arms and lays a big fat kiss on him. Now she has his attention. She suggests that they go back to the lounge and have a drink together. He says that he thinks they should stay in the hotel room and get to know each other without others watching. He slowly pushes her to the bed. She sits down but pops back up when she has a better idea. She tells him to go take a hot shower and she will order some champagne and maybe something sexy from the boutique downstairs. He likes that idea, but tells her not to get any ideas because he wouldn't leave anything incriminating lying around the room. Travers goes to the bathroom and Bonnie hears the shower turn on. She runs to the closet and tells Paul to leave. Paul tells her to come with him and she refuses. She says that Marshall will think something is up. She tells him to go and she will get out of this mess. When Paul is gone, Bonnie says, "What did I get myself into and how do I get myself out of it?" When Marshall comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, Bonnie is writing him a note. She tells him that her mother just called and she has to go. Marshall tells her that her mother did not call. He adds that professionals lie to him all day and why should he let her lie to him. She makes up some more excuses but Marshall is not letting her leave. He tells her that he is not a man to be trifled with and he adds, "Lets get it on." He pulls her close and tries to kiss her again. Just as he gets close, Bonnie's cell phone rings. She makes some excuse about an emergency and gets her purse and grabs her phone. Just as she gets her phone, Marshall takes it away from her. He answers the phone and says hello. Isaac is on the other end but he doesn't answer back. Marshall says hello again and Bonnie is trying to grab the phone. Isaac can hear Bonnie in the background.

Friday, September 13, 2002

Craig pays Carly a surprise visit and tries to persuade her to work for him. When she refuses, Craig challenges her that she won't work for BRO because she is afraid they'll end up as more than business partners. At Al's, Barbara asks Will how he would feel about moving away, but Will is adamant that he doesn't want to be far from Hal. Holden promises not to let Will see Hal again as long as Barbara allows him to continue to play with Luke. Barbara reluctantly agrees. Will heads out with Holden, but when no one is looking he steals money off of one of the tables. Hal dismisses Paul's evidence as coincidence that James and Marshall were both in Singapore. They talk about the possibility of James returning to town. Hal agrees to question Marshall about his association with James. Isaac leaves Lisa in charge of Java, tells Jessica that Bonnie and Marshall are alone together and charges out to confront them. Jessica submits a letter of apology to The City Times, taking responsibility for what Marshall accused her of. Meanwhile, Bonnie goes into panic mode when she sees that it was Isaac who called and heard Marshall's voice. Marshall asks her why she planned her faux seduction and she admits that she was acting as a decoy so that someone could search his room. Bonnie returns to Java and is shocked to learn that Isaac is on his way to confront Marshall. Later, Isaac finds a smug Marshall in a towel telling him that he just missed Bonnie.

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