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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 9, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, September 9, 2002

At the police station Jennifer and Bo overhear Jack and Billie's "pillow talk"; Jack has been trying to help Billie sleep at night after the trauma of her shooting the hit man. Jack and Jennifer announce to Bo and Billie that they are being honored for saving Victor from the hit man. Billie is uncomfortable with this seeing as she shot and killed a man, but the others talk her into accepting the award. Bo has to leave and Jennifer asks to speak to Billie. Jennifer tells Billie that she is fine with Jack dating her; Billie says that it's obvious Jennifer isn't or else they wouldn't be having this conversation. Later, after Jack and Jennifer are gone, Billie makes a phone call and tells the person on the other end that it's going better than she hoped with Bo.

Philip tries to convince Chloe to relax and have some fun, but she is too worried about Brady. She asks Philip to have Nico look for Brady and he agrees. Their conversation gets tense when they accuse each other of not being trusting enough. Chloe tells Philip that all she is concerned about right now is saving her own life and that the time they've spent apart from each other has been good for her. She urges him to concentrate on college. He asks if her feelings for him have changed. He proclaims his love for her...

John is outside Cassie and Rex's room. Dr. Frank explains that although Cassie and Rex are indeed human, they are a product of genetic engineering. Their genetic code is too complex for the doctors and it's going to take the experts a while to solve the mystery of their DNA. John is convinced that Stefano sent them to destroy his enemies. Marlena disagrees and feels somewhat protective of them. Marlena leaves to see Belle off to the dorms.

At Belle's house she and Shawn pack. They argue about Cassie and Rex; he feels she should be thinking about school...and him. Shawn thinks the twins have come between them and leaves in a huff. Marlena comes home and cheers Belle up by telling her that the twins are now in her care and that they'll be taken excellent care of. She also tells a very relieved Belle that she will be able to see them soon.

At the dorms it's a madhouse as all the kids arrive for their first day. Shawn gets to his room and there confides to his dad that he's sick of Belle's concern for the twins. He also voices his concerns over Billie and Bo working together. Bo tells his son he intends to steer clear of Billie for everyone's sake! Belle and Marlena arrive; Belle and Shawn apologize to each other. Caprice shows up and surprises all by saying she's the dorm's RA! Shawn meets his roommate "Dozer"(Belle and Mimi are roomies)and then the adults leave the teens to start their new life at school.

John goes in to see Cassie and Rex. The kids are leery of him. John pulls the blue key from his pocket which causes them to get upset until he explains that he only wants to remove their wristbands. Once they are removed we see that they each have a tattoo; when lined up they form the very same tattoo John has on his back!

As Mimi leaves the dorm she runs into Cynthia. It turns out that she is living there as well...

Once back at the police station Bo and Billie are given memos that are not good news as far as Bo is concerned...

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Billie is enthused to be partnered full time with Bo. He tries to fight it, but Abe's hands are tied because the order came from the commissioner. Billie makes another mysterious call and says she has good news about Bo...

Jennifer and Jack work to uncover the secrets surrounding Tony, who is trying to unearth the mystery about John and the key. Tony's irked when he learns that a portion of the hospital is closed off, even to Colin. When Colin questions Craig about it, he gets an unsatisfactory answer; Craig won't even tell Nancy what's going on. Sami reports to Tony that John and Marlena are gone all the time and he warns her that she'd better produce the key if she wants his help with Brandon. Lucas forces Sami to tell Mickey that they've decided upon joint custody of Will and to draw up the papers. Colin gets a page from the hospital and he rushes to tell Brandon and Victor that Nicole is coming out of her coma.

The "Celebration of Heroes" kicks off in the park as Alice is honored for her contributions to the community, as well as her son, Bill Horton for his work in Africa. The tribute to her father, who couldn't be there, has a strange effect on Jennifer. Kate and Victor make donations on behalf of Basic Black and Titan, while Roman and Abe unveil plans for a memorial to those who've died in Salem in the line of duty. Abe is upset when Lexie and Tony make a generous donation to a trust fund for families of fallen police/fire fighters, but he leads the applause for them, wanting his fellow workers' families to benefit.

Brady finally has his moment in court, but things are bleak when his court appointed public defender turns out to be related to the judge; he suggests Brady plead guilty and throw himself on the mercy of the court. Meanwhile, Chloe and Philip go back to the clinic, only to find no sign of Brady or Dr. Thompson. Philip wants to take Chloe to New York, but she wants to go back to Salem, so they head back to the motel to pack...

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Due to the remembrance of the events of September 11, 2001, all daytime dramas were preempted today. Programming will resume on Thursday, September 12th where Tuesday's shows concluded.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Chloe writes a note to her father and wants to drop it off at the police station. Philip tries to talk her out of it by telling her he hated to see her hopes shot down. Then he says the sheriff might remember them from the clinic and press charges against them, but Chloe insists on going.

Brady gets his unfair day in court. The judge asks how he pleads and Brady pleads innocent. The judge says˛wrong answer˛! Brady starts telling the judge off and the judge sets a long off date for his trial. As the sheriff tries to take Brady back to his cell they all start yelling at each other. When Philip and Chloe get to the police station they hear Brady yelling and run to find him. The judge tells Chloe about the charges against Brady but Chloe claims all the fault from the clinic mess. After Chloe explained what happened the judge wants to know why no one else was arrested. The bribed sheriff says he made a judgment call. Since the judge had no other eye witnesses he wanted to keep Brady, but Chloe piped in that Philip was the other witness. Philip hesitated to agree with her story but did. So, the judge left them all go. Back at the hotel, Brady asks Chloe if she is going to stay with him and look for her father or go back home with Philip. She doesnšt answer but asks Brady when he left the note for her at the hotel desk. Brady knew it wasnšt from him, reads the note and yells at Philip as the one who set him up to get him out of the way.

Shawn and Belle show up late to the heroes ceremony. Shawn overhears the Commissioner telling Bo and Billie how happy he is that they are permanent partners. Shawn gets angry and the Commissioner asks him why. Shawn just says hešs mad they missed the ceremony. Bo tells Shawn later that he doesnšt want to be partners with Billie and he is doing everything he can to get out of it.

Jack and Jennifer continue to get closer through working together. Jennifer is visibly jealous when Jack pulls Billie away for a newspaper interview about her award. Bo says it bothers him to see Jennifer feel bad. Jennifer again denies that she is jealous. Billie notices Bo and Jennifer watching her and Jack and is enjoying it. The Mayor and the Commissioner offer Billie the job of being the Mayors personal security. Billie says she is honored but since she is only a rookie, doesnšt feel qualified to take on the job. Bo is angry that she turned down the job and asks her why. Billie says she doesnšt want to leave him. Then she expands to say she needs to learn more from him. The mysterious knuckle cracker watches Bo and Billie as they talk. Bo leaves. As Billie walks across the park, is confronted by the mysterious knuckle cracker, who she seems to recognize.

At the police station, Roman admits to Abe that he got a court order to get access to Katešs bank records after seeing the note and check that Stefano left for her by his attorney. Abe asks Roman about the real reason he is so interested in Kate. Roses are delivered to Roman from Kate with a note saying she isnšt into playing his games. Bo busts in and demands that he be removed as Billie's partner.

Friday, September 13, 2002

Tony pressed Sami, so she agreed to try to get John's key. Colin spied on John and Agent Spector, but couldn't figure out their connection. Tony was not happy with Colin's lack of progress.

John caught Sami going through the penthouse looking for the key. She made a lame excuse about leaving Will's jacket and misplacing her sunglasses. John suspiciously accepted her story, then quickly got rid of her because he was expecting Agent Spector. John and Spector discussed the key. They know the key unlocks the twins' wristbands. He also shared with John that the wristbands monitor the twins' vital signs and also contain some sort of communication port for them to communicate with "home" wherever home is. Spector revealed that the chemical composition of the key contains a metal used in the space program.

Belle and Mimi discussed the superstitions of Friday the 13th. Mimi switched back the contents of her purse with Belle's from when their purses spilled the day before. Mimi realized she hadn't turned in her "janitorial keys" from Salem High. As she finished the switch, the blue key fell on the floor, but no one saw it. Then the girls left for Salem Place.

Nicole woke up from her coma. Colin, Brandon, Fayeand Victor were there. Nicole had a flashback remembering Sami reaching for the plug to Nicole's life support while she was in a coma.

Billie was furious that Bo got her transferred to the mayor's security team. Bo tried to convince her that the switch is a promotion and she should be grateful for the opportunity.

Sami met up with Belle and Mimi at Salem Place. When Sami looked through Belle's purse for some aspirin, she lifted Belle's picture of the key then split. John showed up and tried to pump Belle for more information on the twins. Belle insisted that she doesn't know where the key is, but she has a picture of it. When she reached in her purse, she discovered that the picture was missing.

Sami reported back to Tony that she hadn't found the key yet, but she had inside information that the basement of the hospital has been sealed off. She was sure it's important, but didn't know why yet. When Tony got impatient at her lack of success, she presented the picture of the key she stole from Belle. As Tony examined the picture, a sly smile emerged. Sami then told Tony it was his turn. He presented her with blackmail pictures of Nicole kissing Colin, but then he took them back.

Bo brought Hope up-to-date on Billie's transfer. Hope was shocked to hear that Lexie will not be charged with any crime concerning her knowledge of the baby switch. Bo told Hope that Abe has filed for divorce.

Billie received a phone call from her mystery man. She told him that she has no intention of being separated from Bo.

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