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Raul learned that he would regain the use of his legs. Someone set fire to the pool house. Ashley put the videotape in a safety deposit box. Diego insisted to Victoria that his feelings for her were real. Brad kissed Olivia.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 9, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, September 9, 2002

The wedding reception is in full swing.

Nikki and Victor celebrate their wedding day in incredible opulence and style. Everyone who is anyone in Genoa City is present. There are many toasts and banks of congratulations throughout... the general consensus is that this wedding was well worth the wait.

Sharon makes efforts to make small talk with Nick who completely shuts her down. They spend the majority of the party giving each other mad/sad looks. Nick later makes it clear to Victoria that only one thing is certain about his marriage to Sharon-and that is "nothing will ever be the same."

Nikki questions Victoria as to Diego's whereabouts, Victoria keeps it simple telling her mother about Raul's accident and explains Diego's absence as a need to be with his brother. Nikki tells her daughter to let Diego know that he is in the Newman prayers.

Phyllis bails out of the reception early, she tells Jack she has to go to the office stating "the website crashed... it's my job I've got to go take care of it." She says she'll come back, but after spending a majority of the reception with Kyle as his primary company Jack begins to doubt his wife's return. When she finally does return Jack notices she's wearing a different dress, Phyllis explains that she stained the other one "I must have sat on something," and she seems quite distracted. Jack suggests that they rejoin the party and show their family off. Phyllis readily agrees, and she, Jack and Kyle head back inside the Colonnade Room.

Isabella excuses herself from the reception to make a run home to check on little Ricky, whom they've left at home with a babysitter. Mary offers some unsolicited mother-in-law advice, remarking that Isabella shouldn't be leaving an infant alone with a babysitter. Isabella takes the "advice" in stride, kisses Paul, promising to return soon. Isabella stops by to see Diane on her way back to the wedding, she wanted to fill her friend in on the fight that Phyllis and Jack had at the reception. Diane is appreciative of the fact that Isabella came all the way out there to update her, but truth be told Ms. Jenkins took a sleeping pill and is on the verge of passing out. Isabella understands and notes that it's "10:15" and she should be getting back to the reception anyway. As Isabella is leaving she sees Phyllis pull into the driveway. Isabella sees Phyllis, but Phyllis doesn't see her.

Later, someone splashes turpentine all over the furniture of the pool house, taking special care to douse a picture of Diane. They then strike a match. Later a limping, coughing, Phyllis escapes a fire that is blazing in the pool house. She makes it out onto the pavement where she collapses by the pool.

Michael and Christine are enjoying themselves and having a good time at the party. Michael is certain he is the most despised guest in the room, that is until he spies wedding crasher Leanna Love. Leanna, dressed for a funeral, supplies that she came for the free food and fantasizes about getting revenge against Victor by shoving wedding cake in his face. Before she has an opportunity to turn the dream into reality, she is hauled off by Victoria and Nick.

With Isabella still gone, Paul takes the opportunity to pull Chris into a room and tell her that she must stop playing games with him. Chris is perplexed as to what Paul is talking about, Paul sees her friendship with Baldwin as Chris' way of meddling with his feelings. She had told him that she had no feelings for him, yet as far as Paul can see she tries to rile him every opportunity she gets. He demands to know what she wants from him. Chris grabs him and kisses him passionately-I think we know what she wants from him! Rattled, the couple separates and Chris immediately leaves. Rushing out of the room, she finds Michael in the vestibule and she tells him she is ready to go-- "now." They head out, but not before Michael sees a disheveled Paul exit the same room Chris raced from.

At home Ashley has just finished recording a message to Abby. Brad walks in to find her quite upset, he wants to know what she was saying to put her in this emotional state. Ashley says she was just trying to tell Abby some of the things she's not sure if she'll be around to tell her. Brad wants to stay and comfort Ashley, but she tells him that she would prefer to be alone, and asks him to return to the wedding. Ashley later fantasizes about telling Victor that Abby is his child. Back at the wedding, Brad confides in Olivia that something is going on with Ashley, something other than the cancer and chemotherapy, he knows his wife very well, and he can feel when there is something going on.

At the hospital Raul is happy to show Mac and Brittany that he is able to wiggle his toes. The doctor explains that it will be a long and gradual process, but they are hopeful that Raul will regain the ability to walk again. Raul asks Mac to let him have some time alone with Brittany. Brittany is thrilled that Raul is alright, she is looking forward to him getting back to himself. Raul tells Brittany that he can't forget what happened, they both could have been killed that night. He tells her that he loved her before... but now everything is different.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

While the Newman wedding was in full swing, Sharon was off by herself crying. When she noticed people looking at her periodically, she tried to pass off her tears as ones of joy, but when Nicholas caught her eye and scowled at her, they were definitely tears of sorrow. Sharon's mother also observed her mood and asked her what was troubling her. Just as Sharon was about to confide in her, Cassie came up and pulled her away to see Noah. As the evening got late, Nicholas asked Miguel if he would take the children home. Overhearing the conversation, Sharon asked him if they could talk once they got home. Nicholas flatly refused, saying there was "nothing for them to talk about."

Much like Sharon, Vicki is off by herself crying when the bride and groom approached her. When they expressed concern, and asked her to call to invite Diego, she found a quick excuse to end the conversation and rushed off. Soon afterward, Victor approached Brad alone and asks about Ashley. Brad explained Ashley wasn't feeling well and had to leave, but she really wanted to wish them well. Victor thanked him for the information.

Mary walked up to Lynne, asking where Paul was. She said she hadn't seen him, and commented that she hadn't seen Chris in a while, either. In the other room, Paul comes rushing back in, with Isabella asking where he had been. He gave her a big hug, with a guilty look on his face.

After leaving the wedding, John went by the Carlton home to check on Ashley. While he was there, Brad called to check on her as well, but Ashley told him to stay and have fun and that she would be sleeping by the time he arrived home. John gently advised her to take it easy with Brad and to concentrate on the good things in her life, like the love of her family. She broke down and told John she had a lot of regrets about how she has conducted her life, and felt Abbey would have a lot of questions. While trying to reassure her, he asked if there was something specific she'd like to discuss, but she elected not to disclose any details right then. After John left, she watched the tape she made to Abbey that disclosed Victor's paternity. She put the tape into a locked box into a cabinet.

Meanwhile, a frustrated and emotional Bradley opened up to Olivia at her apartment. He told Olivia how shut out he felt from Ashley's life and Olivia reassured him again. He expressed what a lifeline she had been for him and in a moment of weakness, leaned over and kissed her.

Jack, Phyllis and Kyle were outside on the terrace at the Colonnade Room, and Phyllis was being quite playful with Kyle. Jack, who seemed somewhat irritated, commented on how Phyllis' mood had made a 180 degree turn since she returned to the wedding. She admitted to being in better spirits, but before she could explain further, his cell phone rang. It was the news of the fire in the pool house. They rushed home and found Diane in the living room on a stretcher surrounded by paramedics. The fireman informed them the entire pool house was destroyed by the fire. He asked if there was a possibility of faulty wiring or anything that could have caused the fire, and Jack told him about the flammable paint supplies that were there.

Diane began to come around and a police detective showed up to confirm what happened with her. Mamie and Colleen came rushing in with Kyle, and Jack suggests they go to get some rest. When she asked him where they should go, Jack told her they could stay in the guest suite. Phyllis's body language reacted strongly, but she did not protest verbally. Ignoring her, Jack told Diane he would be up to check on them soon. After they are out of earshot, he looked at Phyllis and asked if he was supposed to throw them out on the street. She didn't answer; she just went upstairs to bed. After Phyllis' abrupt departure of the room, John came home and he and Jack shared their disbelief of the evening's events. The fireman and detective both came back into the house, and much to the Abbotts' shock, expressed they felt the fire was started on purpose.

Brittany was back at Raul's bedside and couldn't understand why Raul was no longer interested in their relationship. While she argued her point that what happened should make their relationship stronger, Raul wholeheartedly disagreed. He told her he had a lot of time to think and there was no way she could make up for what she did. He encouraged her to go on with her life, and to go on to college. Although she continued to protest, he firmly told her not to put her future on hold for them and that he needed some time to rest. Looking sad, Brittany left the room, but still couldn't believe that he truly meant what he said.

The show ended with Victor taking Nikki home to a candlelit room. He gave her a wedding gift-a photo album with pictures and mementos of their life together, and they spent time romantically reminiscing.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Due to the remembrance of the events of September 11, 2001, all daytime dramas were preempted today. Programming will resume on Thursday, September 12th where Tuesday's shows concluded.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

by Ruth

Nick and Sharon had breakfast with the kids. Nicholas told them that they were very proud of them and nothing that may happen could change that. The kids left for school and Nick told Sharon to get out of the house as soon as possible so that she didn't run into his parents. He didn't want them figuring out that something was wrong. Nick left for work and Nikki called to invite them to breakfast. Sharon had to decline, then wished her and Victor the best on their trip.

Victor wondered why none of the kids were interested in breakfast with them. They figured that they just wanted to let them be alone on their first day of marriage. Nikki asked Victor if he could tell her where they were going on their honeymoon, but he replied that he thought that she had planned the trip since she took care of everything else with the wedding. She was flabbergasted as he shrugged it off, saying that they should probably save their money anyway. That gave her the clue that he was kidding and he sweetly admitted that they were leaving very soon and that he wasn't going to tell her where they were going.

Meanwhile, in the horse barn, Victoria and Diego yelled at each other. He told her that he didn't want to lose what they had -- she wouldn't forgive him for what he had done. She questioned whether or not he still had feelings for Sharon, but he insisted that he could have told Nick much earlier in order to break up their marriage and take Sharon away from him. It was an ugly scene. . .

At Paul's apartment, the happy couple had breakfast and talked about the wedding. Isabella cooed about their happy family and about how lucky she was. She wanted to make sure that he noticed that she didn't get upset about leaving him at the wedding with Christine. With that, he left for work. . . .

Michael Baldwin quizzed Christine down about what had happened with Paul the night before. He had figured out that she must have admitted having feelings for Paul and he must have rejected her. She told him to SHUT UP and didn't want to talk about it. He kept on badgering her, though. He hinted that what she was wishing for with Paul was just a fantasy that could never happen then Sharon barged into her office.

Michael left and Sharon told Chris what had happened. Chris was cruel with her comments, telling Sharon that she was stupid to admit it to Nick, it was her own fault that he marriage was in a shambles. Sharon had come to Christine for support, but she was getting anger and resentment. Sharon didn't know that Chris was in the middle of a similar struggle with her own ex-husband, knowing that she had thrown away something with Paul that she really wanted. Sharon had enough and left. Before long, Paul entered her office. Chris looked at him with eyes that showed adoration and love. . .

There they all were around the table at the Abbott's -- John, Jack, Phyllis, Mamie, Colleen, and DIANE. The topic of the fire came up right away and John told them that the authorities suspected arson. It scared Colleen to think that someone was out to get them. They tossed about ideas as Phyllis made faces like she knew that Diane had done it and Diane cowered like a frightened victim. The officers arrived soon to ask a few questions. They asked about disgruntled employees who may be responsible, but Jack didn't know of any. They asked Diane about any enemies that may have been out to get her and she didn't hesitate to say that, yes, there was someone who fit that description. . . . .

Friday, September 13, 2002

Mary and Lynne had breakfast at Gina's. When Lynne noticed that Mary seemed a little down, Mary admitted that, though she'd tried hard, she couldn't seem to accept Paul's choice of Isabella as a wife. As the two talked, they both admitted to having doubts about Isabella. Lynne wondered why there were no photos of Isabella from her life before Paul, and why Isabella had brought no belongings to their marriage. She said Isabella had come out of nowhere. Her only friend was Michael, and she'd met him after coming to town. Mary felt guilty that they were discussing her son's wife and the mother of her only grandson and suggested they stop.

Michael was not pleased when Chantal told him Paul was in Christine's office with her. He decided not to interrupt, instead going to see Isabella. At first she didn't want to let him in. He questioned how things were going between Paul and her, and Isabella pointed a rosy picture of domestic bliss for him. When she realized he wasn't buying it, she asked him why. Michael admitted that Paul and Christine had shared some kind of disturbing encounter in the groom's room at Victor and Nikki's wedding. Isabella remembered that when she returned to the Colonnade Room, she hadn't been able to find Paul. She became increasingly agitated and demanded that Michael find a way to stop Christine from going around Paul. She said if he wasn't able to get her in bed, he needed to find someone who could seduce her.

In Christine's office, Paul wanted to know what Christine's kiss had meant. He told her how confused he was. They began to argue about the reason their marriage broke up. Paul said it ended the day she got on a plane to leave for another country. Christine vehemently declared that it ended the night she caught him having sex on the sofa with his feisty client. She said that the reason he'd moved Isabella into their apartment wasn't to protect a client, but because he wanted a woman in his home. After the two of them calmed down, they admitted that they both had feelings for each other. Paul was tormented and said he was in too deep with Isabella and his son. Christine suggested he leave. When Paul refused, saying they needed to talk it all out, she said there was only one question: "Where do we go from here?"

Nikki was happy to let Victor keep his secret about their honeymoon destination. He told her that he had a couple of things to take care of before they left, letting her assume he needed to go by the office. Instead, he went to see Ashley, who was spending a quiet morning at home alone, thinking about the tape she'd made for Abby in which she confessed Victor's paternity. Ashley was surprised that he hadn't left for his honeymoon, but he told her that he'd been worried since she left the wedding early. She said she wasn't feeling very well, and he asked if it was physical. She assured him it was. As they talked, she thanked him for all of his support and told him that Abby was the best thing she had to keep her spirits up. Victor assured her that he'd always be there for her. When she said she once again felt like she should get things in order, he asked if she wanted to tell him what she'd stopped herself from saying the day she'd visited him on the Newman jet. She told him no, and they shared a hug good-bye. She then put her confession tape in an envelope, sealed it, and wrote on the outside, "For Abby on her sixteenth birthday," making arrangements to place it in her safety deposit box later.

Brad went by Olivia's office so they could clear the air between them after the kiss they'd shared the night before. Olivia insisted that it should never have happened, since he was her best friend's husband and they both knew what Ashley was going through. Brad told her that it wouldn't happen again, and she had helped him get through a bad time. He then told her that he was worried about Ashley's state of mind. He felt like there was more to her leaving the Newman wedding than just her physical distress. He suspected that she hadn't been able to endure seeing Victor marry someone else. Olivia told him he was wrong. Brad felt that Victor would always have some hold over Ashley. They decided to try to lift Ashley's spirits, going to Brad and Ashley's just as Ashley was about to leave to put the envelope in her safety deposit box. As the three of them sat and talked, it was obvious that Ashley was troubled. When Olivia talked about how great Brad's attention had been for Nate, Ashley abruptly left the room to check on Abby. Again, Brad expressed his concern about Ashley to Olivia. Finally he followed her upstairs to check on her. As Olivia cleared their tea glasses, she noticed the sealed envelope in Ashley's bag and picked it up.

Jack expressed his gratitude to Phyllis that Diane had made no accusations about who might have started the fire in the pool house. Phyllis was annoyed that Jack couldn't see her view, which was that Diane was just trying to make points with him. When she asked when Diane would be leaving and Jack didn't answer, Phyllis left the room. Later, while Jack worked, Diane came in. She readily agreed to let him reserve a hotel suite for her and Kyle, but insisted he wait one more day, to give her time to get over the shock of the fire and the loss of all of her belongings. Jack agreed. At that point, Phyllis came in and reminded Diane that she had a doctor's appointment. Diane "sweetly" thanked Phyllis for her concern. Before she could leave, the detective came in. He said they'd found a can of accelerant in some bushes down the street, and would get it tested to see if it matched the drops they'd found outside the pool house. He then held up a pair of gardening gloves and asked if they were familiar. Jack blurted out a question to Phyllis about whether those weren't like her gloves.

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