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Passions Recaps: The week of September 9, 2002 on PS
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Monday, September 9, 2002

Luis walks in the bedroom as Antonio attempts to make love to Sheridan. Sheridan is grateful for the interruption. After Antonio goes to take a shower, Sheridan assures Luis that she somehow would have stopped Antonio from making love to her. Luis tells Sheridan that he can't take it any more and begins to go tells Antonio the truth. Sheridan stops him. Out of anger and frustration Luis punches a hole in the wall.

Theresa gives the baby a teddy bear and reminisces about the first time she and Ethan went on a date. Ethan overhears and tells Theresa to remember that they are broken up and they will never be a couple again.

After he leaves Theresa tells her son that it is just a matter of time before the three of them become a family.

Gwen can tell that Ethan still has feelings for Theresa even though he is trying his best to fight them.

Pilar tells Ivy how worried she is about Antonio. Ivy tells Pilar that everyone knows Theresa only wants a job at Crane Industries to win Ethan back.

Rebecca plays "Doctor and Nurse" with Julian. She tells him that all his problems stem from having too many wives. She tells her Pookey not to worry because she has a plan to get rid of some of them.

The zombie makes an evil looking girl doll for Tabitha. It's face is cracked and the zombie staples it together so it looks like the female version of the evil Chuckie doll. The zombie leaves and tells Tabby to bond with the new doll name Connie.

Connie comes to life and begins to strangle the life out of Tabitha.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Sheridan has to put Antonio off once again by telling him that if they make love, they will surely be late for the party.

Hank gets Luis to promise not to lose his temper at the party. They both head over to pick up Beth. Beth is sure that after tonight, Luis will be hers again.

Mrs. Wallace has other ideas.

Reese takes his dad's new red sports car over to the Bennett's to pick up Kay and take her to the Crane's. Jessica explains that Kay went with Miguel. Reese offers to take Jessica and Jessica eagerly jumps at the chance.

The evil Connie doll attacks Tabitha. Tabby fights for her life. She manages to get away from the doll.

Reese and Jessica stop in at Tabitha's. They see the wrecked living room. Tabby lies and says that her grief got the best of her and she wrecked it herself. Reese gives Tabitha a heartfelt apology for ever thinking she was an evil witch. He says that anyone who loved a little boy as much as she loved Timmy could not possibly work for the dark side. Tabby accepts "Ross's" apology. As Reese is about to hug Tabitha, he hears the roar of the new sports car. He runs outside in time to see the evil Connie doll take off with it. Connie and the zombie are headed to the Crane party in the stolen car as the radio blares "Highway To Hell."

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Due to the remembrance of the events of September 11, 2001, all daytime dramas were preempted today. Programming will resume on Thursday, September 12th where Tuesday's shows concluded.


Thursday, September 12, 2002

Tabitha offers to drive Reese and Jessica to the party at the Crane's after Reese's car gets stolen. Tabitha figures that the demon doll will be heading there. She wants to stop the doll from ruining her delicate plans of destruction for the residents of Harmony.

Sam and Grace almost make love. David interrupts them. Grace is grateful for the interruption. She is still determined not to sleep with Sam until her "first marriage" to David is annulled.

The zombie spikes Miguel's drink. Grace accuses Kay of trying to get Miguel drunk on purpose. Kay gets so angry with her mother, she can't wait until Ivy ruins her mother's perfect marriage.

Simone is escorted to the party by Chad. Whitney goes with her parents. TC gives Whitney a new schedule to tennis dates. She realizes that she will have time for little else.

Antonio realizes that Luis put his marriage on hold to Beth all those years ago because of him leaving town due to Julian. Antonio tells Beth that she and Luis should get married right away. Beth tries to talk Antonio into marrying Sheridan tonight. She says that planning weddings take too much time and they should be together as soon as possible.

Mrs. Wallace crashes the party intent on ruining Beth's plans to get Luis.

Sheridan comes face to face with Julian and threatens to kill him if he says anything to Antonio about her engagement to Luis.

Friday, September 13, 2002

Mrs. Wallace crashes the Crane party, just to embarrass Beth and undermine her plans. Beth grabs her mother's arm in a warning.

Sheridan is hurt to see Luis and Beth together. Luis tells Beth he is so sorry to put her in the painful position of still pretending to be his fiancée.

Julian has a private talk with Eve. He confesses that he should have stayed with Eve and she was the best thing that ever happened to him. Eve tells Julian that she would not put it past Alistair to have taken their son away. Julian agrees that Alistair is capable of anything.

The evil Connie finds her way to Hecuba's old lair in the basement of the Crane mansion. She smashes a jar and the image of Hecuba appears. Hecuba tempts Connie to get a vial from Tabitha's that will set her free. Tabitha tries to talk Connie out of it. Hecuba promises Connie that if she sets her free, that they can create the worst kind of pain and suffering for everyone in town.

Whitney tells Theresa about Simone being with Chad. Theresa harbors the hope that Ethan will return to her. She tells Whitney that everything will work out the way she plans, especially after she and Ethan start working together closely at Crane Industries. Ethan tells Gwen that they are together forever and he will never let anyone come between them again.

Mrs. Wallace tells Luis not to lose his true love to anyone, including his own brother.

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