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Monday, August 12, 2002

As Jack and Alison get hot and bothered at Jack's Place, Jamal interrupts them and announces that he is ready to take Jack up on Jack's offer of a place to bunk.

Meanwhile, Ian and Rafe wait in the Park for the Avatar to appear to argue about Ian's charge on Live TV that the Avatar is a coward, but they are rudely interrupted when Officers Andy and Doree arrive with a SWAT team to capture the Avatar when he appears. Ian and Rafe try to convince the police to leave, but Andy and Doree refuse to budge - and the police officers position themselves around the Park.

In the meantime, Livvie meets with Frank at the Avatar's Lair and tries to convince Frank that Ian and Rafe are just goading him into making a mistake, but The Avatar is determined to punish Ian and Rafe for defying him and defaming his name.

LIVVIE: "Is this Frank Scanlon I'm talking to - or The Avatar?'

AVATAR: "They are one and the same. The Frank you knew is gone forever!'

Back at Jack's Place, Jamal notices the nervous behavior of Jack and Alison. When Jamal went into the other room to put things away, Alison reminds Jack that she IS still in love with RAFE!

Back at The Avatar's lair, Livvie tries to convince the Avatar to declare that his work in Port Charles is finished and it is time to move on to a new place. But Frank told Livvie he believes that Livvie is more interested in getting Frank out of town so Livvie will no longer have anyone left in town who would be able to expose Livvie's secret to her husband, Rafe. When The Avatar told Livvie that she is rotten to the core, Livvie tearfully asks why Frank would be able to be so cruel to her, since they each need the other to keep a secret.

Meanwhile, at Jack's Place, Alison told Jack that they probably should NOT see each other any more and Alison leaves. After Alison leaves, Jamal told Jack to be careful of getting hurt by becoming entangled in the Rafe and Alison situation.

Back in the Park, Mary and Colleen stroll through on their break from the Hospital and both of them tell Ian that they appreciated Ian speaking out with his doubts about The Avatar's motives. Mary explains that, while she is grateful that 'Lancelot' protected her from the thugs who tried to mug her, Mary still can NOT go along with Lancelot taking the law into his own hands. Rafe and Ian decide that, even though the Police made it impossible for Rafe and Ian to confront The Avatar directly, perhaps if enough of the townspeople begin doubting the Avatar's motives, it might force The Avatar into showing his hand.

Back in the Avatar's lair, Livvie tries to convince Frank that she loves Rafe and that Livvie's bargain with Frank was made only because Livvie was desperate to keep her husband's love. As Frank taunts Livvie about her lies to the husband she supposedly loves, Livvie tries to leave but Frank grabs her arm and stops her. When Frank grabs Livvie, her baby moves.

LIVVIE: "My baby moved! Oh, my God! How did you do that? How did you make my baby move?'

AVATAR: 'OUR baby! Try and remember, Livvie. I am the one pulling the strings now. I am the one making all the moves. Do NOT cross me! And stay out of my dealings with Ian and Rafe. I do NOT need your corruption - OR approval! They are going to learn what it means to disrespect me! They have NO idea WHAT I am capable of - but they WILL! As will everyone in Port Charles!'

Back at Jack's place, Jack told Jamal that, if Jack wanted Jamal's advice, Jack would have asked for it. Jamal agrees to keep his advice to himself but, after Jack leaves the room - Jamal observes that he believes his friend is setting himself up for a world of hurt by becoming involved in the Rafe and Alison situation.

Back at the Hospital, Colleen told Ian that she agrees that it is a good idea to want to learn more about the Avatar's motives. Then Colleen mentions seeing Danny and his nanny in the Park. Ian is suddenly concerned about Danny and Carmen being out so late and leaves the Hospital to check on them.

Meanwhile, at Rachel's Old Place, Livvie gives Rafe a royal welcome home as she is relieved to see her husband return safely from his attempt to bait The Avatar into an open confrontation. While Rafe is NOT happy because he and Ian were NOT successful in confronting The Avatar, Livvie admits to her husband that she is enormously relieved and, once again, begs Rafe to abandon his notion that he alone should confront The Avatar.

Livvie begs Rafe to make love to her, but Rafe told Livvie that he is worried that it would be too soon following her fall down the stairs. However, when Rafe sees how disappointed Livvie is, he says: "You know what! Let me hold you! Come here. See, this is nice - right?'

LIVVIE: "Yeah. It's great!'

RAFE: "It IS going to be OK, Livvie!'

LIVVIE: 'Yeah. I know.'

RAFE: 'No - we did NOT catch The Avatar tonight. But we will. I have a feeling we will find out who he really is soon!'

Meanwhile, at the Pizza Shack, Alison runs into Danny and his Nanny - Carmen. When Carmen realizes that she needs to hurry to get to the Pharmacy before it closes to pick up a prescription for her father, Alison volunteers to take Danny home to the Thornhart loft while Carmen picks up the prescription, and Carmen hurries off to the Pharmacy.

However, before Alison can leave the Pizza Shack with Danny, Frank arrives and offers Alison a ride home. But Alison turns him down.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

At the Hospital, Ian and Kate take the same elevator. Kate congratulates Ian for his attempt to expose The Avatar. Ian confides to Kate that one of the nurses saw Danny and his Nanny, Carmen, in the Park at a late hour - so Ian is now rushing to make sure they got home safely. The elevator suddenly stalls and Kate panics.

As Kevin and Lucy enjoy some down time at the Light House, Serena and Christina play 'Lancelot,' and Kevin becomes upset when he sees Christina decked out in a miniature black, hooded outfit. Kevin forbids the girls to play 'Lancelot' and gives them a lecture about 'picking your heroes wisely.' Lucy is surprised by Kevin's reaction.

Meanwhile, at Rachel's Old Place, Livvie sleeps on the couch while Rafe searches the Internet for clues about The Avatar. As Livvie sleeps, she remembers Frank taunting her that Rafe loves Alison and will NEVER love anyone BUT Alison!

Livvie wakes up and begins to tell Rafe about an exotic, romantic dream she had. Livvie told Rafe that she dreamed that the Avatar was attacking Livvie and Rafe rushed to rescue Livvie and then vanquished the Avatar. But, in the process, Rafe was wounded and the only thing that would heal Rafe's wounds were kisses from Livvie. Then they made incredible love. As Livvie begins to 'demonstrate' how her kisses healed the wounds Rafe received from fighting the Avatar, Rafe gets worked up and carried away.

Meanwhile, at the Pizza Shack, Alison told Frank that she and Danny do NOT need a ride home with Frank. But, after Alison and Danny leave, Frank changes into The Avatar and follows them into the Park.

Back at the Hospital, as Kate panics in the stalled elevator, she confesses to Ian that she is claustrophobic. Ian convinces Kate to imagine that she hears music and that they are dancing. As Ian and Kate begin to dance, Kate begins to calm down and finally confesses to Ian that she split up with her boyfriend, Brennan.

At Rachel's, as Livvie describes her dream to Rafe, they begin to kiss passionately and head for the bedroom.

As Livvie and Rafe head for their bedroom, The Avatar corners Alison and Danny alone in the Park.

ALISON: "What do you want?'

AVATAR: "I want you to do as you are told!'

At the Light House, as Lucy quizzes Kevin about his strong reaction to the girls playing 'Lancelot,' Kevin admits that Kevin is worried that Livvie might somehow become involved with the Avatar, since Livvie seems to have a tendency to be drawn to The Dark Side. Lucy told Kevin that, while Lucy does NOT approve of Livvie's current actions - including Livvie's marriage to Rafe - Lucy doubts very much that Livvie would be involved with an entity as dangerous as the Avatar.

KEVIN: "No - but she IS intimately involved with someone who is FIGHTING it!'

LUCY: "Rafe!?'

KEVIN: "Right!'

As Rafe and Livvie snuggle in bed at Rachel's Place, they talk about Rafe's plans to rid Port Charles of the dangerous Avatar, and Livvie assures her husband: "Hey - listen! I AM worried about you. You could get hurt. Or worse!'

RAFE: 'I know. My calling is...dangerous. But I promise you - I WILL be careful!'

LIVVIE: "You mean that?'

RAFE: "Of course - OK? And, then, when all this is over - and we get rid of that Avatar - we can focus on us. And on having a beautiful life and raising a very amazing, beautiful child - OK?"

LIVVIE: "What a minute, Rafe. I do NOT want to lose you - not ever!'

RAFE: "You won't.'

LIVVIE: "Good!'

When Rafe went into the other room for a glass of water, Livvie told herself: 'You were wrong, Frank! Alison's hold on Rafe is over! Now - he IS mine - All mine!'

Back in the stalled elevator, Kate confesses to Ian that, even though she is broken up with Brennan, she still loves him more than anything. When Ian asks what happened to the relationship, Kate replies: "It's complicated! I AM an incurable workaholic and I was NOT there when he needed me - and it hurt our relationship.'

When the elevator is working again, Ian panics when he steps off the elevator and sees Carmen, Danny's Nanny, at the Pharmacy - and Ian asks Carmen where his son is.

At Rachel's, as Rafe holds a sleeping Livvie in his arms, he is startled awake by a vision of Alison. Rafe hops out of bed and immediately calls Ian to meet Rafe in the Park. 'It's the Avatar. He has got Alison,' Rafe told Ian.

After Rafe leaves the bedroom, Livvie dreams of bringing her baby home to a perfect home and an idylic family life.

In the Park, Alison begs the Avatar to leave her alone. Rafe suddenly appears and the Avatar disappears. Alison looks down and realizes that she is standing next to a sheer cliff.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Marissa went to Ricky's apartment looking for information about Casey. He told her stories about Casey the trouble they used to get into together, and what she was like. He admits to Marissa that it was Casey that showed him that it was possible for him to love someone. Ricky retrieves a box of Casey's things from the closet and urges Marissa to try on some of Casey's clothes. She went into the bedroom to change. When she reluctantly comes out to show him, Ricky can't believe the resemblance. It isn't just the clothes; even her eyes look like Casey's. Marissa is a little freaked out by his reaction and wants to change back right away.

They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Jamal is there and sees Marissa in her Casey get-up. He is hurt that she was able to open up to Ricky, but not to him. Marissa tries to explain to Jamal what was going on and that even though she turned to Ricky for information it has no bearings on her feelings for Jamal. Marissa wonders if Jamal is afraid of being hurt again the way he was hurt by Alison. She asks him to wait while she changes, but Jamal leaves.

Near the edge of the cliff, Alison begs the Avatar to leave her and Danny alone. Rafe, Ian, and Kate rush to her aid. The Avatar informs them he will not harm Alison and Danny this time. He only wants to show them what he could do. As the Avatar disappears and Ian comforts his son, Alison loses her balance. She screams for Rafe as she falls. Rafe reaches for her hand, but can't quite make it. He urges her to reach up for him and cries out, "I came back for you!" For an instant, Rafe remembers his love for Alison and magically he is able to grasp her hand and pull her to safety. When Alison questions why Rafe said he came back to her, he doesn't remember himself why he said it. He figures he must have meant he came back to the park for her. Though she doesn't say so, Alison believes there is hope for their love.

When Ian and Kate return to his apartment with Danny. Ian is ready to go after the Avatar. He is furious that the thing went after his son. Kate tries to calm him down with words. When that doesn't work, she asks him to dance trying the method Ian used on her in the elevator. Ian has no desire to dance intent only on destroying the Avatar. Kate throws her arms around Ian and kisses him. She quickly pulls away and immediately apologizes. As it turns out, the kiss managed to calm Ian down. He told Kate he won't go after the Avatar. At least not tonight. When Kate leaves, she pulls out her phone and orders a one-way ticket to New York.

As Karen orders Pizza at the park, Frank comes up behind her. He told Karen he misses her. Frank knows she's still with Ricky, but thinks that will soon be over. Frank wants Karen to know that he still loves her. They talk a little about Lancelot. Frank mentions that he bets Karen would really like to know who Lancelot is. Karen replies that she already does. She describes Lancelot as a quiet man, a good man, someone who has had a lot of disappointments in his life but always rises above them. She told Frank that when Lancelot helped her in the park, she felt a connection to him.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

As Chris cools his heels in jail, he is surprised to receive a visit from Frank. Frank reports that public opinion is shifting toward Ian's viewpoint.

CHRIS: "What is going on? I heard about Thornhart's speech. You are NOT worried about that, are you?'

AVATAR: "That problem has been taken care of - but SOME damage was done. You are going to help me fix it. My work here HAS to continue, so listen to me carefully, Ramsey! This is what I want you to do.'

Kevin bumps into Ian at the Hospital and Ian told Kevin that the creature went after Alison and Danny in the Park the previous night. Ian told Kevin that Ian believes that the Avatar was warning Rafe and Ian to back off by proving that the Avatar COULD get to Rafe and Ian through the people they love. Kevin asks about Livvie - since Livvie IS Rafe's wife - but when Ian assures Kevin that Livvie is fine, Kevin rushes out to visit Livvie to make sure.

At the Pizza Shack, Alison remembers her miraculous rescue by Rafe in the Park as she waits to meet Jack. When Jack arrives, they talk about the kiss and decide to remain friends and not let the kiss come between them. Alison confides in Jack that Rafe did something magical to rescue her the previous evening.

Meanwhile, Rafe meets Lucy in the Park and demands to know if Lucy noticed Rafe having any special powers when Lucy first met him.

RAFE: "Who was I? You know - WHAT was I?'

As Chris signs out of jail, he runs into Doree and Doree confides that Lancelot busted an Ecstasy lab near the High School, but the drug kingpins the Port Charles Police Department arrested told the police that Lancelot made off with $1 million.

Livvie is thrilled to see Dad Kevin when he arrives to visit her at Rachel's. When Livvie assures Kevin that Rafe and Livvie love each other and trust each other and their life together is just perfect, Kevin informs Livvie that Rafe was not at home but in the Park, rescuing Alison, late last night.

Back in the Park, Rafe describes for Lucy how it took a surge of some kind of miraculous powers for Rafe to be able to rescue Alison when Alison fell over the cliff. Lucy told Rafe that Rafe came to Port Charles as Lucy's Guardian Angel and he DID have special powers, and Lucy describes how Rafe repaired the mirror that had been smashed by some evil force. Lucy told Rafe that he came back from heaven to rescue Alison because he loves her and being with Alison is his destiny.

LUCY: "Oh, Rafe! You are an angel. You're an angel!'

RAFE: {chuckles}: "What are you saying? I'm dead?'

Ian visits Eve's grave and admits he will need some kind of heavenly advice to find ways to protect Daniel from the Avatar.

At the Pizza Shack, Alison explains to Jack how overwhelmed she feels as she is caught in the see-saw struggle that her life has become. Jack challenges Alison to change her life by deleting her concerns about Rafe. Alison agrees, but, when Jack went for a new pizza, Alison observes that it is VERY difficult to just delete your soul mate from your life. As Jack orders the new pizza, the owner informs Jack that there is some commotion in the Park and Jack's brother is at the center of it. Jack and Alison decide they need to check it out.

Elsewhere in the Park, Rafe insists to Lucy that he is NOT a monster and he is NOT an angel - he is just a regular flesh and blood human guy. Rafe decides that LIVVIE was right and Lucy is just telling him stories about coming back from heaven because Lucy wants Rafe to be with Alison.

Meanwhile, at Rachel's, Livvie insists to Kevin that Rafe was with Livvie - but, when Livvie admits that Rafe COULD have gone to the park after Livvie fell asleep, Kevin points out that Rafe is ALWAYS leaving Livvie to do something else and Alison somehow always ends up as being the center of Rafe's rescue attempt.

However, Livvie refuses to listen to Kevin. Kevin continues to insist to Livvie that she IS married to a man who clearly has commitments to another woman, and is now ready to do battle with the newest dark force in town.

Kevin told Livvie that he wants to see her happy and invites Livvie to come stay with him at the Light House. Kevin ALSO states that he is positive that Livvie will NEVER be able to be happy so long as she clings to Rafe.

But Livvie declares that her life IS with Rafe and she plans to live her life WITH Rafe - AND their child! And Livvie turns down Kevin's invitation to move back to the Light House.

Back in the Park, Rafe told Lucy that everyone seems to have a different version of Rafe, with a different story to go with each version. And each story has an agenda. Rafe told his cousin that he hoped SHE, at least, would be different, but is now convinced that Lucy is just like everyone else who has told Rafe conflicting stories about himself.

Rafe wanders deeper into the woods and sits down to try to sort out the different conflicting stories people have told him about himself. Rafe concludes that there is 'no way in hell' that he is an angel, and heads out of the park.

Meanwhile, Ian, Jack and Alison arrive at the Park in time to hear Chris announce:

CHRIS: 'I have very good news! I have been in contact with 'Lancelot', and he has authorized me to dish out $1 million. So, come and get some!'

And Chris begins to throw bills up into the air as the crowd scrambles to catch the money.

Frank watches from a nearby hillside and quotes: "And the crowd cried out - Lancelot!'

Then the Avatar chuckles and Frank changes into the Avatar.

Friday, August 16, 2002

At Ricky's Place, Karen suspects that Ricky is jealous of her interest in Lancelot when Karen admits that she approves of the way Lancelot has instructed Chris to dish out the $1 million that Lancelot took from drug dealers.

Meanwhile, in the Park, Ian, Jack and Alison watch disapprovingly as Chris distributes money to the crowd of Lancelot supporters and Marissa hastily scribbles notes. As Chris told Marissa it is all about peace and security for Port Charles, Ian suddenly attacks Chris and told Chris that 'that thing' tried to hurt Ian's son and Ian threatens Chris while the Live TV cameras catch it all on tape.

Livvie finds Frank in the Park and asks why Frank lured Rafe out the previous night to rescue Alison.

Kevin returns home to the Light House and told Lucy that Rafe left Livvie alone the previous night in order to rush out to the park to rescue Alison. Lucy admits that her cousin has already told her about Alison's rescue. Kevin told Lucy: "Well, you know what? It does NOT matter what WE think about it! LIVVIE believes this marriage is REAL! What does Rafe believe?'

Lucy confesses that Rafe is NOT sure what he believes, and Lucy admits to Kevin that Lucy tries to tell Rafe some things about the part of his life that Rafe can NOT remember - and Rafe did NOT take it well!

Rafe returns to the woods - to the spot where Livvie found him - after he fell to earth. Rafe flashes back to his memories of Livvie and of Alison - and Lucy's startling news that Rafe is an angel. Rafe racks his brain for his lost memories and implores heaven to help him find an answer.

Back at Ricky's place, Ricky informs Karen that he just wants to make her happy, and switches the Lancelot newscast back on and, as they watch Chris distributing money in the park, Ricky spots Marissa in the thick of things, taking notes. Ricky suddenly told Karen that maybe they should go down to the Park to check all of this out for themselves and see what is going on. Karen agrees and they head for the park. But, as Ricky went to get his sunglasses, Karen flashes back to her own encounter with Lancelot.

In the Park, Alison and Jack succeed in pulling Ian away from Chris. As Chris continues to speak out for Lancelot, Ian claims he has evidence that Lancelot is evil.

ALISON: 'He pushed me to the edge of a cliff and wrapped me up in his shroud, and I was barely saved.'

However, as Marisa begins to show an interest in Alison's story, Chris diverts attention by resuming to pass out money. As the crowd throngs around Chris, Marissa spots Jamal, walking away in disgust. So Marissa follows Jamal.

Elsewhere in the Park, as Livvie accuses The Avatar of trying to ruin her marriage, the Avatar told Livvie: "Your marriage is meaningless.'

LIVVIE: "Not to me!'

AVATAR: "Handle your husband and there would have been NO reason for me to use my powers to make him understand.'

LIVVIE: "Understand what?'

AVATAR: "Either Rafe leaves me be - or there will be consequences.'

LIVVIE: "What? Consequences?'

AVATAR: "It was so easy to force him into using precious energy when Alison was ready to fall from the cliff. There was so much passion in him! If I didn't know better, I would have believed that SHE was his wife!'

LIVVIE: "No. That is just who Rafe is! Saving whoever is in danger is a part of his nature. But - Alison is NOT the one he loves! He CHOSE me!'

AVATAR: 'But he chose without knowing the truth! Without memories.'

LIVVIE: 'Why do you keep torturing me? Do you HAVE to ruin my love because you lost your OWN?'

As Livvie speaks, Frank turns into The Avatar.

LIVVIE: "Because Karen left you and chose somebody else? Does it give you some kind of pleasure to see me suffer?"

The full Avatar appears, accompanied by thunder and lighting.

AVATAR: "Enough! You forget WHO and WHAT I am! Let me remind you.'

Elsewhere in the Park, Marissa catches up with Jamal and tries to convince Jamal that her ONLY interest is in Jamal and that Marissa was only talking to Ricky about Casey because Ricky was the one who knew Casey best. Jamal finally admits that he HAS been sort of a jerk, and they begin to kiss, just as Ricky arrives and see their warm embrace.

Meanwhile, Karen gets closer to the crowd trying to get their share of Lancelot's money, while Chris continues to distribute the money. Karen suddenly suspects that Lancelot is watching all of this activity.

Back at the Light House, Lucy reminds Kevin of the time that Rafe repaired the mirror that had been broken by an evil force and Lucy confesses to Kevin that Rafe was surprised when he suddenly used a similar power to 'will' Alison to return to safety. Lucy suggests that Rafe needs to remember WHO he is and WHERE he came from. And Kevin adds - that Rafe needs to remember WHO it is that Rafe really loves.

Back in the woods, Rafe concentrates and asks himself what he is really in Port Charles for - and Rafe suddenly remembers the thrill of listening to the baby's heartbeat by ultrasound. Rafe reasons with himself: "And if I am an angel, then I can NOT be alive. And if I am NOT alive, then I could NOT make life.' Rafe decides that he HAS to quit wasting time thinking about the past he can NOT remember, and begin living 'for now.' Rafe determines that he should forget about Alison and begin protecting Livvie and making the town safe for their child. Rafe heads out of the woods.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Park, The Avatar knocks Livvie down and Livvie cries: "No! Stay away!'

AVATAR: "YOU have NO control here! I do as I will here!'

LIVVIE: "No - God - no!'

AVATAR: 'Beg as I freshen your memory of WHO the true father of your child is!'

LIVVIE: "No! Please! Don't hurt me! This is NOT your baby! You understand? It is NOT your baby!'

As the Avatar advances toward Livvie - Ian, Jack and Alison suddenly arrive and the Avatar disappears as Ian tries to chase it.

In the center of the Park, as Chris passes out money, Doree suddenly arrives with more officers and arrests Chris again. Chris points out to the ever-present TV camera-crew just how unjust it will be to arrest Chris just for giving money away to people who need it. As the police hustle Chris away, the crowd chants for Lancelot and boos at the police.

Back at the Light House, Kevin told Lucy that he believes they SHOULD do something to protect Livvie if Rafe is not doing it - but Lucy reminds Kevin that it WAS Kevin who insisted that they should NOT interfere in Livvie and Rafe's lives. Lucy shocks Kevin by admitting that even Lucy believes it is NOT within their power to' fix' the current situation.

As Ian hunts for the Avatar in the Park, Rafe arrives and Ian lets Rafe know that the Avatar attacked Livvie. Rafe rushes to find Livvie and, when Rafe finds his shaken wife, Rafe wraps her in his arms and begins to comfort her as Jack and Alison look on.

LIVVIE: "Rafe! Oh, my God!'

RAFE: "Are you all right?'

LIVVIE: "Yeah - I am now. Just hold me, please!'

RAFE: "OK. It's OK. I've got you. I am NOT going anywhere.'

JACK: "So, Livvie! WHY did you tell the Avatar it was NOT his child?'

RAFE: "What?'

LIVVIE: "I don't -- I do NOT know what you are talking about, Jack!'

JACK: "No, no, no! You DO! I think you do! Because when I came running in, I KNOW that is what I heard...Why would you feel the need to tell him it was NOT his child? I mean, WHY would you say that?'

Livvie looks from Jack to Rafe in stunned silence.

Elsewhere in the Park, Karen searches for the Avatar and finds him. He asks her to stay.

KAREN: "I knew you would be here!'

AVATAR: "Come with me, Karen. Come.'

The Avatar opens up his shroud and motions for Karen. Lightning flashes, thunder crashes and Karen replies: "Yes!'

Ricky comes around a corner and sees Karen leave with the Avatar.

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